Preserved cherries for patisserieCanned cherries are widely used by professionals to have this fruit at any time of the year so they can make their creations without any supply problem.

Preserved cherries for patisserie

Cherries in syrup allow this fruit to be preserved for a long period of time. Through a preparation of water and sugar, the cherries are preserved much longer with all their qualities intact, which allows professionals more flexibility and versatility in the use of ingredients.

The importance of canned cherries for professionals

The cherry is one of the fruits that is most used in bakery, hence the importance of having it throughout the year and not only in the seasonal months (from May to July). Canned cherries fill that need and add great colour, flavor and texture to desserts at any time. In addition, they combine very well with other fruits such as strawberries, blackberries or kiwi.

Cherry is a source of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, along with potassium, calcium and iron. Cherries in syrup allow you to taste this fruit by itself, or using it for dessert decoration, or as an ingredient to accompany meats, roasts or sauces.

Steps to make cherries in syrup

Before we start, we must be clear about the proportions. To make a kilo of cherries in syrup, we will need 500 grams of sugar and 1 liter of water.

  1. Wash the fruit well to remove any impurities.
  2. Remove the stone from the cherries. If a large quantity of cherries is going to be made in syrup, it is best to use a cherry stoner, since if we do it by hand we will waste more time and the stone will not be extracted with such precision. Another option is to leave the cherries with the pit.
  3. It is convenient to sterilize the jars that we are going to use to store the cherries in syrup and we are going to do it by introducing them, together with their lid separately, in boiling water for five minutes. In this way we will be sure that there will be no germs in the jars before using them.
  4. Preparation of the syrup. Pour the water and sugar into a pot and let it boil for ten minutes over low heat. Then turn off the heat and remove the container. Some professionals flavor cherries with spices or citrus peel (lemon, orange, etc).
  5. We transfer the syrup from the pot to the jar where we will keep the cherries. Before closing, we make sure to leave two centimeters of the jar unfilled. If the cherries are going to be consumed in a short space of time (a few days, for example), leave the jars closed and upside down to cool down. In the case of long-term consumption, the jars will be placed in a bain-marie in the last phase so that their conservation is longer.
  6. Put one or several jars with the syrup and cherries inside a tall container with water and put it in a water bath. When the water in the pot starts to boil, lower the heat to a medium-high level and leave it for five minutes. Then remove the jars and let them cool. It is recommended to put a label on each jar with the name of the content, in this case cherries in syrup, and the date of preparation.
  7. You can introduce a jet of liquor in the jars of cherries in syrup, although it is optional and will depend on the type of dessert that the professional wants to make. The easiest way to do it is to put the cherries and the syrup in the sterilized jar with the previously established proportions. Afterwards, the liquor is added, for example rum or brandy and we leave 2 cm of space before closing the jar. On the label we will put the liquor that we have added so we know it once we consume them.

How to preserve cherries in syrup?

The jars with the cherries in syrup must always be stored in a cool place where the sun’s rays do not directly reach and there is no humidity. If these premises are met, cherries in syrup can last a long time, even reaching two years, due to the great conservation power provided by sugar.

Professionals usually make cherries in syrup in summer to be able to use them in the preparation of desserts in winter, when this fruit is not available in the market.

Once a jar with cherries in syrup is opened, it should be kept in the fridge and its reaction should be observed, since if there are dents in the lid or cracks in the jar, it is very possible that the fruit has spoiled and cannot be consumed.

As we can see, canned cherries and, more specifically, cherries in syrup, have become an essential ingredient for chefs and pastry professionals.

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