Apple in syrup for dessertsFruits in syrup are the best way to enjoy seasonal fruit throughout the year. It is an ancient technique that has survived to this day and that chefs and pastry chefs continue to use in order to have fruits in perfect condition for their creations. In this post we will see how to prepare the syrup mixture and we will go through some examples of fruits in syrup so we can use them in multiple ways.

Apple in syrup for desserts

History of the fruit in syrup

The syrup comes from Arab gastronomy. “Al-maiba” was the term used to designate a syrup of water and sugar with different proportions that, once cooked, acquires different textures and uses.

The particularity of the syrup is its ability to preserve food since the high concentrations of sugar neutralize microorganisms. In addition, it acts as an antiseptic to prevent the fruit from being damaged.

Thanks to the syrup, the food maintains the same colour, aroma, texture and quality. Hence, it is widely used by kitchen professionals, especially fruit in syrup, which can be consumed as a dessert or as an ingredient for the preparation of all kinds of products.

How are fruits in syrup prepared?

First you have to clean the fruit well and chop it. The size of the pieces will depend on the choice of the professional. The fruits in syrup that are most often made are: peach, apple, orange, strawberry, pineapple, pear, cherry, kiwi, blackberry, etc.

In a container, let the water and sugar boil with the basic measures (250 grams of sugar per kilo of fruit and half a liter of water) or with other proportions that the expert considers. Apart from water and sugar, other flavoring ingredients can also be added, such as anise, cinnamon or lemon.

When the water starts to boil, lower the heat and leave it for another 20 minutes. Then we put the fruit in the syrup and let it cook for three more minutes. Then it is time to put the fruits in syrup in airtight jars. Once inside, the containers are placed in a water bath for 30 minutes, in this way it is the water itself that cooks the food and not the direct action of the fire. Thus, its conservation period will be even longer.

Try to make the pieces of fruit in syrup more or less the same size so that everyone receives the same syrup. Once the fruit is inside the jars, try to keep them in a dry, cool place with little light. Thus, when the time comes to consume it, it will be in the best conditions.

Another important recommendation is to put labels on the jars with the date it was made to know the expiration date. Normally, fruit in syrup is kept in perfect condition for a year or more.

Examples of fruit in syrup

The main characteristics of fruit in syrup are its sweet flavor and smooth texture, which is why it is the ideal ingredient for numerous desserts and savory dishes. Let’s see some examples of fruit in syrup in desserts used by professionals:

  • Fruits in syrup pudding: the combination of kiwi, cherry and strawberry or blackberry is perfect for this dessert.
  • Sponge cake with fruit in syrup: the sponge cake accepts all kinds of fruit in syrup, such as strawberry, apple, orange, kiwi or blackberry.
  • Fruits in syrup jelly: pieces of kiwi in syrup, strawberry, pineapple or banana, among others, are usually used in jellies.
  • Glass of fruit salad with liqueur: red fruits (blueberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries) work very well in this dessert, together with a splash of sweet wine or any other liqueur.
  • Cup of fruit salad in syrup with chocolate: cherries and strawberries go very well with chocolate, also banana or kiwi. It is important to choose the proportion of acid and sweet fruit well.
  • Cherries in syrup flans: this mixture of textures, flavors and colors will not leave your customers indifferent.
  • Pineapple and cherry in syrup clafoutis: cherry and pineapple combine very well in the usual clafoutis, although you can also innovate in your creation.
  • Red fruit in syrup sorbet: this dessert is fantastic for spring and summer and you can choose from a wide variety of red fruit.
  • Cheesecake with strawberries in syrup: the strawberry and the creamy cheese provide an explosion of flavor and a perfect texture to enjoy.
  • Mousse cake with almonds and kiwi in syrup: kiwi and almonds combine perfectly, although you can also add a little chocolate to increase the flavor.
  • Apple cake: the usual cake with apple in syrup is always a safe bet and should not be missing from your menu.
  • Sacher cake with cherries in syrup: a classic dessert that is still delicious with quality cherries in syrup.

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