Benefits of eating cherriesThe cherry has always been a delicious and very nutritious fruit and now that the cherry season is approaching, we can taste them freshly picked. However, in addition to the benefits of eating cherries, cherry lovers know that they can be tasted throughout the year in different formats to enjoy all their properties.

In this post we are going to talk about how many cherries are recommended to eat a day, also about cherries in syrup and how they are used by professionals.

Benefits of eating cherries daily

The amount of cherries to consume depends on several factors, such as the person’s age, weight, and level of physical activity. For example, children and adolescents, as they are growing, need a sufficient amount of nutrients and calories to develop properly and a consumption of between 10 and 15 cherries a day is recommended.

In the case of adults, they can consume between 15 and 20 cherries a day, or even 25, depending on each person. It is also important to take into account the medical conditions that each person may have and the medications they are taking.

If the person has a disease such as diabetes, they should be careful when consuming cherries in syrup. However, there are brands like Lazaya that offer sugar-free cherries in syrup so that anyone can enjoy cherries throughout the year with all the guarantees for their health.

Why consume sugar-free cherries in syrup?

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and maintaining a balanced diet, which is why they look for healthy foods, without sugar or with reduced amounts of this component. In the case of cherries, manufacturers have quickly adapted to consumer needs and a wide variety of sugar-free preserved fruits can be found on the market.

Cherries in syrup without sugar are a delicious and healthy alternative to enjoy this wonderful fruit at any time of the year. With its sweet and juicy flavor, this variety of cherries is an excellent alternative for those who want to take care of their health and well-being without giving up the pleasure of a delicious fruit.

One of the main advantages of sugar-free cherries in syrup is that they offer all the nutritional benefits of fresh cherries, but with a different flavor and texture. In addition, sugar-free cherries in syrup are low in calories and fat, making them a healthy and satisfying snack, ideal for all those who want to follow a balanced diet and watch their weight. The sugar-free syrup used to preserve the cherries does not add unnecessary calories, allowing you to enjoy the sweet fruit without worry.

Sugar free cherries in syrup are also a source of dietary fiber, which helps improve digestion and maintain a healthy digestive system. Fiber also contributes to a feeling of fullness, which can be beneficial for those looking to control their appetite and maintain a balanced diet.

In addition to their nutritional benefits, sugar-free cherries in syrup are an option that offers great versatility to chefs and pastry chefs when preparing their dishes and desserts. They can be used in a variety of recipes, from healthy desserts to sauces to accompany main dishes. Its delicious flavor adds a special touch to any preparation, providing a perfect contrast with other ingredients.

Professionals use this type of fruit to decorate cakes and pastries and also as an ingredient to make biscuits and other confectionery products. Here are some examples of how the professionals use sugar-free cherries in syrup:

  • Added to yogurt or breakfast cereals.
  • In cherry smoothies with milk, yogurt and other fruits.
  • In fruit salads together with melon, pineapple or banana.
  • As a snack to bite cherries at any time.
  • In savory dishes combining cherries with rice or quinoa.
  • In pancakes, cupcakes, waffles, tarts and ice cream.

What brands of cherries in syrup do the professionals use?

Professionals are increasingly using fruit in syrup to make their creations and need to trust a supplier with a long history in the market and that offers high-quality products and in the different formats they need. In this regard, Lazaya has a wide catalog of products in syrup, among which cherries in syrup with and without sugar stand out.

It may seem that it is impossible to create a product without sugar when it is precisely one of the main ingredients of it, but today, technology allows the creation of fruit without sugar that preserves all the benefits of eating cherries and offers a delicious flavor without altering its color or texture.

In Lazaya Preserved Fruits we have our own cherry plantation that we use to make our cherries in syrup, candied, liqueur or maraschino with or without sugar. The quality of our cherries is excellent and that translates into a remarkable flavor compared to other brands.

If you also want to offer your customers a range of sugar-free products, do not hesitate to contact us to customize your order and that your customers forget about how many cherries is recommended to eat a day. Talk later?