Green candied fruit in Roscon de reyesCandied fruit is a sweet highly appreciated by chefs and pastry chefs that is made by dipping the fruits in syrup and then letting them dry. This process provides a very particular texture and a bright and attractive appearance. Although the most popular candied fruits tend to be brightly colored, such as red cherries and oranges, there are also green varieties, such as candied fruit of the Roscón de Reyes.

In this post, we are going to talk about the different colors of candied fruit, how it is made, how it can be used in the kitchen and why professionals choose companies with extensive experience in the market as suppliers of this product.

How is the green candied fruit made?

The green fruit is made following the same process as the traditional candied fruit, although green fruits are used, such as melon, pear or fig.

The process begins by immersing the fruit in a sugar and water solution, to which other ingredients such as glucose, citric acid or spices may be added. After some time in the syrup, the fruit is removed and left to dry, usually in the open air, until it finally hardens and becomes shiny and very attractive to decorate desserts or as an ingredient in the mix.

The process of elaboration of the green candied fruit can vary according to the fruit that is used, since some fruits have more moisture than others. Fruits that are low in moisture and high in seeds maintain their shape and texture.

The candied fruit of the Roscón de Reyes

Undoubtedly the most popular green candied fruit is the one used in the famous Roscón de Reyes, which in Spain is eaten on January 5 and 6 on the Epiphany of the Lord. On the surface of the Roscón, large pieces of candied fruit of different colors are placed, for example, orange slices, cherry or watermelon pieces, and large green pieces.

Not everyone knows that the fruit of the Roscón de Reyes green in color is usually pumpkin dyed in that color or also pieces of melon with a green coloring added to enhance its attractiveness. We can also see roscones with cherries of different colors, such as red, yellow and green.

Green and yellow candied cherries, widely used in confectionery and cocktails, are made from normal cherries that are not too intensely red. During the syrup-making process, the specific food coloring is added to change the color.

The result is a much more appealing cherry with different colors so that professionals can choose the ones that best suit their needs. They are usually used to decorate cakes and other pastry products, since they provide a much more attractive color than normal cherries.

How do you use this fruit?

Candied fruit can be enjoyed in many ways, both in sweet and savory creations. Its main quality is versatility, which is why chefs and pastry chefs use it in a wide variety of recipes and their own preparations. Let’s see some ideas to use it in the kitchen:

  • Desserts: Green candied fruit is perfect for decorating and providing its intense flavor in cakes, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes, cookies or ice cream, among others. It can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of jams, compotes and sauces.
  • Salty dishes: Professionals often use the green candied fruit in salads, stews and roast meats. Its sweet flavor and chewy texture pair very well with savory ingredients such as cheese, nuts, and herbs.
  • Appetizers: The different types of green candied fruit can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of appetizers such as spring rolls, pies and skewers; also as a snack to eat directly with nuts and cheese.

How do professionals choose candied fruit?

Although can be made using a simple process, the truth is that it takes time and patience and professionals need fruit available at all times to make their creations. For this reason, they always choose a brand that provides them with products, always of the highest quality and with the formats and packaging that best suit their needs.

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