Candied orange best dishesCandied orange in the kitchen is an ingredient widely used by professionals in a wide variety of dishes due to its versatility and freshness. Although many people believe that it is only used in confectionery, it is also used in savory dishes, since it provides a very characteristic flavour that makes them more appetizing and exclusive.

In this article we are going to give you some ideas on how to use candied orange in the kitchen and what are the best dishes prepared by professionals in hotels, restaurants and catering establishments.

Candied orange in the kitchen: savory dishes

These are some ideas to use orange in the kitchen in different ways and all of them delicious:

  • Candied orange salad with goat cheese

    Orange combines very well with goat cheese and the option of including them in a salad along with other ingredients such as tomato, lettuce or arugula is a fresh and healthy option that will not leave anyone indifferent. To prepare it, you can use candied oranges, goat cheese, lettuce, olives and other ingredients, along with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The candied orange should be used in thin slices and the goat cheese in cubes so that the final result is more satisfying.

  • Chicken with orange

    Candied orange combines perfectly with chicken meat thanks to its sweet flavor, as well as acid. It is very easy to prepare, you only need the chicken, onion, garlic, chicken broth and white wine. The orange is added in small pieces so that it cooks with the rest of the ingredients and provides its unmistakable flavor.

  • Spinach and candied orange salad

    The mixture of spinach and orange is very healthy and tasty. It is ideal when the good weather arrives, since it is a very fresh and light dish. Fresh spinach and small pieces of candied oranges are always used. You can also add toasted almonds, feta cheese and a vinaigrette made with honey and mustard.

  • Glazed salmon with orange

    Baked fish always has a special flavor, be it salmon, sea bass or any other, but if we also add sliced ​​or chopped candied orange and some aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, the result will undoubtedly surprise more than one.

  • Orange and parmesan risotto

    Risotto is a rice dish that has many variants. For example, it can be made with meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables and many more ingredients that the chef wishes to introduce. One of those ingredients, which will undoubtedly add a different flavor to the dish, is candied orange that combines very well with a mild chicken broth and some prawns.

  • candied orange pizza

    This may be the most surprising pizza you’ve ever tasted, since we’re not very used to mixing sweet and salty flavors, but the result is going to be worth it. Arugula and goat cheese always go well with orange, both in salads and on a gourmet pizza like this one. The final result is delicious.

  • Lamb with candied orange

    This exotic recipe combines the intense flavor of lamb with the orange and spices in a unique and highly original way. The candied orange can be used to decorate with very thin slices on top of the lamb or also to prepare a delicious sauce together with ginger and vinegar.

  • Tuna tartare with candied orange

    In this dish, the professional can play with the textures and what better way to use candied oranges and Hushall cheese to get a crunchy and delicious final touch. You can also add some cherry tomatoes, sweet onion, leeks, coriander and nuts to complete a very varied and tasty dish that your customers will lick their fingers with.

  • Pumpkin cream with candied orange

    Pumpkin cream is very light and nutritious and combines very well with ingredients such as candied orange and candied ginger. This contrast of flavours gives a unique flavour to the pumpkin that, at first, seems like a rather bland and weak dish. However, the freshness of the orange and the slight spiciness of the ginger, together with the leek, onion and a little ground black pepper make it a simple but very interesting dish to open any menu.

  • Burger with orange and blue cheese

    If you want to include a fantastic gourmet hamburger on your menu, at a brunch or among the star products of your catering company, this hamburger will undoubtedly arouse passions. The combination of strong flavors such as blue cheese and the sweet and sour flavors of orange, together with juicy meat, will undoubtedly satisfy the most demanding palates.

Candied orange: desserts

Candied orange is widely used in confectionery due to its good combination with classic ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla or cream, widely used in the preparation of cakes, ice creams, cakes or cupcakes. It also combines perfectly with nuts such as almonds or walnuts that are widely used in this type of dessert.

Therefore, we can taste candied orange in all kinds of biscuits, chocolates, tartlets, panettones, cookies, muffins and an endless number of confectionery products in which its intense flavor and freshness increase the final quality and, therefore, the satisfaction of the clients.

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