Cake decorations and fillings require high quality products that are constantly being innovated in order to draw attention and create new and original sweets. In this post we are going to talk about fruit spreads to decorate cakes with and the ingredients you can use for easy-to-apply cake decoration and filling.
Uses of fruit gels to decorate cakes and other products
It is said that sweet desserts woo us with their eye-catching shine and appetising colours, and it is certainly true that we are often tempted!

Cake decoration is an art indeed which requires experience and creativity. Furthermore, demands regarding new flavours and other examples of originality are ever higher.

The keys to success are:

  • Having a creative mind
  • Showing an ability to reflect the tastes of your clientele.
  • Keeping in mind when the decorated cake is going to be served – whether it is for a special event or for ordinary daily consumption.
  • Making use of different types of fruit as they offer a wide range of decorative possibilities depending on their shape and texture.

There are a wide range of options available which we are delighted to outline below, explaining the differences between each product. Are you ready? Take note!

Use jams and fruit spreads on cakes as fillings and toppings

Our jams and fruit spreads can be used to fill and decorate cakes; they can be mixed with cream to make ice cream; they can be used as fillings for bonbon chocolates as well as by professional catering and hospitality outlets.

We have developed three variations of fruit spread to make cake preparation easier:

  • Suitable for baking: this jam can be used as a filling prior to putting the cake or tart in the oven
  • Suitable for piping: This piping gel can be used to fill cupcakes or layered cakes and adopts a glazed gel aspect once applied.
  • Suitable for spreading –  there are two types of spreadable jams:
    • Smooth jam has been sieved and is used for cakes that have already been baked.
    • Textured jam contains pieces of fruit and can be used for breakfasts and desserts.

We offer a sugar-free version which has a natural colouring agent.

Use fruit piping gels to decorate cakes

Discover our fruit gels to decorate cakes and other decoration and filling products.Gelatine and fruit gels are perfect for decorating because they add colour and shine to cakes and gâteau. They are usually used in bakeries, restaurants and professional catering outlets. We have three ranges of gelatine fruit spreads and gels to decorate cakes:

  • Filling gel used to flavour or cover cakes in vanilla, lemon or strawberry.
  • Glazing gel that provides a shine to tarts, croissants and other types of cakes; there is a choice of flavourless or apple-flavoured glazing gel.
  • Pure gelatine which is used to add shine to cakes and is made with apple or apricot juice.

We also offer a version of fruit spread gels and gelatines for cake decoration that are sugar-free and contain natural colouring agents.

Fruit paste for cakes and biscuits

Fruit paste has a similar texture to jam but is thicker. It is made from preserved fruits and is perfect to use on cakes or biscuits.

Why choose Lazaya?

Now that you are familiar with our range of cake-decorating and filling products it is time to get to know us a bit better and discover the reasons why you should choose us. Our objective is to provide the highest-quality product, therefore:

  • We carry out strict controls on the fruit we source from the cultivation right to the canning process, through all the stages. We grow a product that will obtain the best results, we control the manufacturing process so that strict quality and security criteria are followed in the food chain and that packaging is carried out in accordance with the chemical balance of the product and the sector it is destined for (industrial baking, confectionary etc).
  • Lazaya is one of the founding members of one of Spain’s most important food quality and security centres and has obtained several quality certificates including ISO 9000, ISO 22000 and IFS.
  • Our products are suitable for coeliac, vegetarian and vegan diets, except in certain cases where artificial colorants are used that derive from animal sources.
  • We are investing in collaborative programmes with organizations in innovation clusters and technology centres. Some of the changes we make in the development of each product could include:
    • Change the shape of the fruit (cube-shaped, in strips, etc)
    • Eliminate ingredients such as sugars and preservatives and replace them with natural colorants and sweeteners.
    • Changes to the packaging for commercial reasons or for food hygiene purposes.
  • We follow ethical criteria to apply corporate social responsibility and reach certain objectives such as:
    • Sustainable and fair wealth generation
    • Social integration and outreach initiatives
    • Caring for the environment

Hence being aware of the demands of clients and being imaginative are keys to success in creating cakes and sweets that are delicious and attractive. Any questions? Contact us and find out how our fruit spreads and gels are used to decorate cakes and other products with!