Candied eggplant in all sorts of dishes
Candied vegetables are becoming more popular among chefs working at hotels, restaurants and catering establishments. Their most important quality is the fact that they are ready to serve and can be used in any dish without any prior preparation, thus saving time and making things easier when using them as an ingredient.
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This new format allows professionals to offer even more innovative dishes and to try out candied aubergine in ways that you may never have thought about. Read on for ideas and recipe suggestions using this ingredient in an original way to delight your clients.

Different ways of using candied aubergine

1- Candied eggplant with tomato and dried cod

This delicious dish can be served as a starter and is open to many variations, depending upon the creativity of the chef. They usually begin by pan-frying chunks of tomato, onion, red and green pepper with garlic. The next step is to add flakes of cod, which has been soaked to remove excess saltiness, and the candied aubergine. However, other ways include oven-baking the tomato as a first step, and to serve with pesto or with a parsley sauce. Sometimes other vegetables are added such as candied carrot, olives or potato.

2- Individual pastry pies made with candied eggplant and peppers

Individual pasties (empanadillas) are always a hit, whether they are served as a starter or a main, their complete versatility allows for many combinations of ingredients that can delight with their tastes and textures. This recipe showcases a mixture that always succeeds: candied aubergine and red pepper are the main ingredients, which are mixed with leek and onion. The final touch is melted goats’ cheese, which blends nicely with the vegetables.
3- Candied eggplant with rice or pasta

Candied aubergine works well with rice or pasta alongside other vegetables such as carrots or candied onion. When cherry tomatoes and bits of serrano ham are added then the dish transforms from being merely rice or pasta with vegetables into a true delicacy.

4- Fish with candied eggplant

Whether you choose salmon or tuna or sea bass, and no matter whether the fish is oven-baked, stewed or grilled, the option of serving the fish with a side dish of sautéed spring onions, candied carrots, green pepper and candied aubergine is simply delicious. If tuna is chosen, this can be flaked and served alongside the sautéed vegetables or as a starter.

5- Canapés with anchovies, eggplant and tomato

This canapé is an absolutely delicious appetiser and is very easy to make. The first layer on the vol-au-vent is the candied aubergine, followed by tomato and topped with anchovies. Sometimes foie is added, or gruyere cheese. This decorative food is served in different sizes and variations, including swapping smoked salmon for anchovies.

6- Candied eggplant with boletus and pine nuts

This delicious combination is an excellent side dish with meat, rice and pasta. Both the aubergine and the boletus are candied. This mixture of flavour and texture is surprisingly good, to which is added toasted pine nuts and fresh or goat’s cheese.

7- Moussaka

The main ingredient of this Greek dish is aubergine, which can be candied to thus offer full flavour. Moussaka consists of six or seven different layers, and, depending upon the chef, can include various ingredients such as leafy vegetables.

8- Vegetable quiche

The deceptive presentation and texture of quiche dishes means that they are easily consumed by youngsters as if they were a sandwich. The quiche ingredients include red and green peppers, courgette, carrot, tomato, mushrooms and aubergines, although almost any vegetable ingredient would do.

9-  Aubergine and pumpkin cake

This attractive dish looks very nice because it is like a sweet cake, but made with vegetables. The ingredients include candied aubergine, pumpkin, caramelized onion, tomatoes, eggs and a pinch of nutmeg, and it is oven baked. The end result is nothing but delicious.

Finally, it is important to remember that candied aubergine is a popular pizza ingredient, as well as in lasagne, tacos, hamburgers, sandwiches, kebabs, meatballs and many other dishes too. Thus, we have before us a simple and versatile ingredient with a specific flavour and texture that always adds a special touch to the end result.

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