Desserts with candied fruitThere are thousands of bakeries in the world but only a handful gain competitive advantage and reach excellence. Several factors come into play to ensure that a bakery continues to grow over time and increase in profitability, among which is having a good premises in the right location and a sound business plan; however, what really makes the difference is offering top quality products made by the best professionals.
Bakeries that lead the way in sales

Many clients go to a bakery to buy traditional cakes, pastries, sweets or pies; whereas others do not only seek a good product, but also an enjoyable experience from the moment they step through the door until they finish their visit. This experience is something that should always be on offer to clients and this post will give some hints about how to offer it.

What should bakeries offer to dazzle their public?

Most bakeries offer good products, but an extraordinary dessert must not only look nice and tasty, it must also excite emotions and thrill the person who tries it. That is why it is so important to have exclusive desserts that make a difference from the competition and makes your brand recognizable and keeps clients loyal.

For example, a bakery may gain a reputation for making exquisite puff pastry and individual colourful fruit tarts or innovative macaroons. Or they could opt for making delicious standalone desserts such as almond cake, ensaimadas, fruit tarts and panettones that are exclusive to their establishment or confectionary found nowhere else.

Confectionary, mainly gourmet bonbons, are the most popular product sold at bakeries and their selections include a variety of flavours, shapes, colours and textures. For example, one type of bonbon is made from candied fruit and, together with the candied cherry, orange, apple or lemon, the confectioner adds pistachio nut shavings, and almonds or hazelnuts.

The only limit in these cases is the creativity of the master baker. The mixes of ingredients are numerous, as are the ideas around the shapes that confectionary can take, be it circular, uneven, log-like, tuile, etc.  Colour plays a part too, with bonbons being made in colourful hues that contrast to the usual dark brown chocolate colour on offer.

Tips on how to increase sales at your bakery

The first important tip to make sure you run a successful bakery is to use top quality ingredients and to make the desserts on the spot. That way clients trust your products even more because of the constant aroma of fresh baking at your place. Furthermore, the smell often wafts down the street and attracts passers-by.

A wide variety of products should be on offer so that there is something for everyone. Other points to bear in mind are:

1- Create the perfect environment

Going into your bakery must be an absolute pleasure, it must excite all the senses, starting with a tempting window display showcasing irresistible desserts. The presentation and aroma of the freshly-baked products should be a magnet for everyone.

2- Products for everyone

If you offer products for people of all ages and different tastes, then the chances of reaching a large client base increases. For example, as well as offering traditional products, you should try offering gluten-free, anti-allergic, diabetes-friendly desserts, as well child-friendly products.

3- Making the difference

Two or three days a week you could make more desserts of a certain kind and offer this at a special price. For example, the house speciality or an innovative dessert that you want to try out on the public. Another trick is to have small tasters available for customers to try and give their opinion. You can also try combining new desserts with others that you know always sell well.

4. Getting the word out about your products

In this day and age social media is a fantastic tool for companies that want to raise awareness of their products. For bakeries, the most popular sites are Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, due to their audio-visual content. A good marketing strategy is important but, above all, keep a fluid channel of communication open with clients to find out what they most like.

As you can see, there really are no big secrets behind having a successful bakery. The first step is to have professional employees who believe in top quality and innovative products. And, of course, that they choose the best brands for the desserts that they make. When it comes to making desserts with  candied or preserved fruits, Lazaya is a reference mark for the best bakers.

Our wide catalogue of fruit is sold in different sizes and containers and thus allows professional chefs a greater chance at making their best desserts. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.