Proposals from the food and drinks sector
The food and drinks sector, as with many other sectors, faces a number of challenges in 2021. Having no choice but to adapt to the new rules and restrictions brought on by the pandemic, this sector is moving steadily forward.
New food and dining trends


Although the new food trends are conditioned by this new normality, we are sure that the professionals and chefs who work in this sector will know how to bring forward these new tendencies to offer consumers what they seek at the moment.

Food trends for a new year

One of the benefits from last year’s lockdown was that many people made moves to create new dishes and desserts at home. The end result was that they learnt a lot more about ingredients and food preparation processes and are now choosier about the products that they consume. This has led to new desires that will mark the way for food trends in 2021. Here are a few:

1- More transparency about the products:

Consumers want to know as much as possible about each product, not only the ingredients that they have been made from, but also where they come from and what preparation process was involved. In order to meet these wishes, it is important to have clear labelling which provides as much information as possible.

2- Increased interest in natural products

People want there to be more natural ingredients in their favourite products, so that they are made using more fruit, greens, pulses and vegetables, as an alternative to meat, fish, eggs and cheese. Probiotic drinks and snacks have also experienced a growth in demand, which is expected to continue this year.

3- Online and á la carte products

The unstoppable rise of online ordering last year has obliged HORECA establishments to adapt and offer their products for home delivery that were either not on offer or usually only available to eat within the premises. This way, consumers can choose what they want, when and how they want it, using services that were unthinkable until very recently and which now mark an important shift in customer consumption of HORECA products.

4- Products that speak to the five senses

Consumers seek products that help them enjoy the moment and dispel any stress or bad experiences, which is why they desire food that enhances the senses, not just our tastebuds but also the aromas that catch our sense of smell, the presentation which is pleasing to see, and the feel and the sound of the food. This is why innovative products that offer different flavours, textures and smells are so successful.

5-  Products with regional ingredients

People prefer to eat food from their own region, which reminds them of their roots, but which can also be original and modern. This is why they approve of products made with regionally sourced ingredients, those that are local and natural and which offer a nice blend of tradition and modernity.

6-   Mood improvement

Most people need a change of mood and opt for purchasing feel-good options, receiving good vibes, happiness and positivity by consuming them. This is why food needs to be well presented and have clear flavours that are the key to achieving good mental health and providing an enjoyable experience.

7- New types of flours

Bakers and master dessert makers are beginning to experiment with new flours made from fruit and vegetables in order to make their dishes. Some examples include, flour made from cauliflower, banana or tiger nuts. Many items in the market have been made from one of these types of flour and some varieties of cakes have introduced seed-based flours in their processes.

8- New ingredients from other countries

Dressings made from ginger or lemongrass, or other ingredients such as millet or tamarind, which have been used over time in the kitchen, are now being joined by recent arrivals from West Africa which were less well known, such as sorghum, moringa, white fonio, and teff, which are beginning to be used very successfully across Europe for the creation of dishes that are truly pioneering.

9. More healthy snacks

It goes without saying that foodstuffs such as snack are mostly consumed on the go. New products such as nutritious fruit bars and fresh vegetables, sandwiches made with natural ingredients and new ranges of soups and sauces that are much healthier are hitting the shelves. Many of these new products can now be found in the fresh food section of local supermarkets.

Lazaya is taking on board all of 2021’s challenges. These are some of our offerings:

  • Our candied fruit and vegetables are used within new and innovative dishes and desserts
  • We grow our own crops
  • We control production from harvesting right through to processing and packaging.
  • Part of our processes are carried out by hand.
  • We have a line of vegetable products and also a special sugar-free selection
  • We have international distribution networks
  • We offer different packaging options to meet the needs of our clients: HORECA, bakeries, ice cream parlours, confectioners, retail, cocktail makers…

We have been making candied fruit for over 80 years for professional consumers and would like to continue being the leading brand in 2021. Contact us via our website.