Discover how to use candied olivesCandied olives are slowly but surely making room for themselves in professional kitchens, where they are being used either as a main ingredient or as part of a side dish in sauces,  garnishes, desserts, cocktails or even in confectionary.
Discover how to use candied olives
They are currently being used by dessert chefs and bakers in Horeca establishments for dishes that aim to surprise clients with new flavours and textures, thereby offering new and unforgettable experiences that ignite all the senses and lead to a high level of satisfaction.

 How to use candied olives in creative dishes

Read on for some ideas about how to use candied olives in different ways to surprise your clients:

1- Focaccia with candied olives and tomatoes

This typical Italian dish can be reinvented by introducing candied olives and candied tomatoes. Furthermore, they blend perfectly with all types of cheeses, cured meats and vegetables like rocket, watercress, endives, spinach, red oak lettuce etc. This versatile dish offers many combinations.

2- Cauliflower with candied black olive praline

This is a delicious and quite unique aperitif. Begin by steam-cooking the cauliflower with some butter. Then make the praline by crushing the olives with olive oil, then spreading the paste onto the cauliflower slices. Goat’s cheese can be added to accentuate the contrasts between the two flavours.

3-  Pomfret in marinade with olives, leeks and spinach

First make the marinade with leeks, baby spinach leaves and parsley. Other vegetables can also be used. Afterwards add the puréed candied olives in order to make a thick sauce to go with the filets of fish as they are oven baked or fried.

4- Cod and vegetables

This recipe uses carrots, green asparagus, beetroot and candied olives to make a delicious garnish that is served alongside flaked cod and dressed with olive oil and spices to taste.

5- Olives dipped in cava

This finger food dish surprises diners with its originality. The whole candied olives (pitted) are battered with egg and breadcrumbs and are then fried on a kebab stick, two or three per stick. They are served straight from the frying pan on top of a chilled glass of cava, thus accentuating the contrast between temperature, texture and flavour.

6- Tomato, olives and cherries on flatbread

This dish uses pitted candied black olives. Press the olives with olive oil and spread over the flat bread. Chop the tomatoes in chunks and place on top of the olive spread. Finally, add sliced cherries and lettuce. This flatbread is often served with salad.

7-  Orange, cod and olive salad

This ideal summer salad is very easy to prepare. It includes grated tomato, candied onion, flaked cod, garlic and parsley. It can also be served individually. First, cut the oranges into thick slices and place them on a plate, putting the grated tomato on top, with a thick paste made of candied olives, garlic, parsley and pepper. Add pan fried pine nuts to taste.

8- Iberian meat loaf with olives

This is a dish of two halves. On the one hand, there is the steak meat and then there is the side dish which include humus and pesto made from black olives. The steak is filled with Piquillo peppers, bits of ham and candied black olives. The meatloaf is then placed in the oven and when cooked it is served in slices along with humus and pesto.

9- Meat with vegetables and candied olives

Any type of roasted meat will work for this dish, be it game, lamb, suckling pig or even certain fish like swordfish, salmon or tuna. At the start of the roast we add spring onions, potatoes and aromatic herbs beside the meat and, once roasting has begun, we had a glass of wine, the candied olives, green asparagus, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes so that their juices will be released. The final result is delicious.

10- Octupus with candied olives

Octopus blend nicely with olives, either black or green ones, as long as they have been pitted. Octupus is usually served with boiled potatoes, lambs’ lettuce, paprika, olive oil and a tablespoon of ssamjang dipping sauce to add an exotic touch to a dish that never goes out of fashion.

11- Sponge cake with candied olives

This is an original and surprising dessert. Pitted and chopped black or green olives are used and combined with different fruits such as strawberries, apples, oranges or fruits of the forest.

As you can see, candied olives can be used in many ways and our products are of the highest quality, with no artificial colourants or preservatives, suitable for people with allergies or diabetes. Furthermore, Lazaya’s products are sold in different formats, to meet the requirements of professionals: in cartons, in plastic tubs, in tins or in glass jars. Contact us today to and tell us about your needs.