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Research and Development in Lazaya preserved fruit and candied fruits business is one of our main commitments, as we are one of the most innovative industries in the processing of preserved fruit and candied fruits both in Spain and all over the world.

Our innate knowledge of the preserved fruit family business, passed from one generation to the next, allow us to merge the best of the past and the present, as well as facing our future and international expansion with an eye on the main technological innovations: sometimes, we become early adopters of them; in other cases we reasearch and launch them as industry innovations.

Our aim is always going ahead and improve ourselves to reach the excellence in the processing of the best quality preserved fruit and candied fruits.

We are willing to release information about our know-how and new achievements in Research and Development, disclosing their main advantages for our customers, whose satisfaction is the real focus of all our efforts. We look forward to seeing you soon here, and then again and again!

7 innovative desserts to delight your clientele

Desserts with candied fruitEveryone working in the catering industry agrees that putting effort into offering delicious desserts always makes a good impression and is something that many clients remember when making a return visit to a restaurant. Desserts are, without doubt, the most satisfying dish for diners to consume, as they anticipate colourful presentations and sweet flavours.
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Candied ginger in dishes and desserts

Uses of candied ginger

Ginger is a rhizome that stands out for its fresh and intense flavours, its unique aroma and the spicy touch that it adds when used as an ingredient. Ginger has always been used as a topping or as a key ingredient of many dishes, drinks and desserts.
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