Candied fruits, that sweet delicatessen made of seasonal fruit in the traditional way, are Lazaya’s main specialty.. Their superb taste and outstanding quality are due to their proccessing with the best seasonal fruit and the compliance with the highest international food hygiene and health standards.

Packaging candied fuits in our lines in Lazaya's factory.

So far, we had not encouraged ourselves to say how we grow, harvest and proccess the  seasonal fruit from Aragon, our beloved land, in order to supply our factory. In this regard, we know that one of our differentiating factors is precisely this one: having our own plantations allows us to choose the variety of fruit we need, harvesting the seasonal fruit at the optimum ripening level and proccessing it in order to make the exquisite food product that allows our customers to prepare delicious desserts and irresistible cocktails.

That is why we tell you about the proccessing of our seasonal fruit:  we can proudly emphasize the traceability of our candied fruits and show you our pride to produce this delicacy we export all over the world.

A privileged land in Aragon

Lazaya is located in a privileged land, the Community of Calatayud (Aragón, Spain) with a continentalized-Mediterranean climate characterized by a scarcity of rain (when happening, it usually rains during spring and autumn), hot summers and cold winters. In this environment, our fruit trees grow in the optimum conditions to produce one of the best fruits of the world. Our factory benefits from that advantage to make excellent preserved fruit, highly appreciated in our country but also in all the continents we export to.

Cultivation of fruit trees in our own plantations

We are the proud owners of 130 hectares of land in Epila: our fruit trees supply the factory with the best cherries to make our delicious candied fruits.Lazaya is the owner of 130 hectares of plantations dedicated to fruit trees, olive trees and almond trees in Epila (Aragón). Most of the soil is devoted to the cultivation of fruit trees, with cherries as the key product, followed by peaches, pears and figs. This allows us to supply our facilities with the best raw material, in order to produce our preserved fruit. But the important thing here is we can select exactly the taylor-made fruit we demand.

Our inherited experience os several generations in the business has allowed us to select the best varieties of cherries, especially the one with the white inside and bi-colour (red and yellow) outside. This is the variety that provides the best results to produce our delicious candied fruits.

After selecting the fruit varieties, here comes the trimming of trees with special prunnings in the first years that simplify the harvesting and guaratee the maximun respect for the quality of the fruit.

The soil composition is constantly monitored to get the best humidity conditions and the highest nutrient absorption. The treatments the fruit trees need complies strictly with the requirements of agriculture internationally known as Global Gap.

Process of seasonal fruit resulting in candied fruits and other preserved fruit in our facilities

The arrival of the seasonal fruit to the factory is an important event in Lazaya: it comes from our plantations in the proximity, in its perfect level of ripeness to be preserved according to the traditional preserving methods. This is the way we start the production of our delicious candied fruits and other preserved fruit.

Fruits are sized, pitted, stems eliminated (or not), depending on their final destination: one of our factory different production lines. Afterwards, they are proccessed and transformed in different highly regarded products everywhere: preserved fruit, fruits in syrup, fruit jam, jelly fruits, Maraschino cherry and cherries in alcohol. Thus we are equipped with the cutting edge food technology.

Packaging of Lazaya’s candied fruits and other preserved fruit

Lazaya's candied cherries bottled in glass in our factory.

Packaging of candied fruits and othe preserved fruit in our factory also complies with the highest international food quality control and safety guidelines.

We can adapt our packaging of different products depending on needs of pasteurization. When the product needs pasteurization, can, glass or plastic containers are the perfect choice. As a matter of fact, the pasteurized plastic container is one of Lazaya’s contributions to the packaging of preserved fruit in the best conditions. It was  taylor-made for our customers in the HORECA sector, as they needed a suitable packaging for theis specific needs (glass bottles and cans are not optimum packaging to be used in kitchens as they can break or cause injuries). The market research of customers needs and focus on their satisfaction allow us to move forward with innovations.

Candied fruits are packaged in different containers to meet our customers needs.

In those cases preserved fruit does not need pasteurization, our customers can choose a great deal of packaging; bag-in-boxes, plastic containers and others, with different capacities.

Last but not least, our fruit is shipped to all the continents, where it is tasted by the most exquisite palates: North America, Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, Middle East…

We can also meet your special requirements of preserved fruit and candied fruits if you are an importer, industrial bakery or you are in the HORECA sector. Shall we talk? Here you are our contact. On our contact page you will find all the necessary data.