Premium desserts need quality glace cherries in hotels and restaurants.Glace cherries are a select food product usually present in many culinary preparations that hotels, restaurants and catering services make. It is really a classic of the gastronomy in the hospitality industry. The vibrant color and  juicy texture of candied cherries are an irresistible lure to trigger attraction for sweet desserts. Candied fruit cubes can also be found in cake preparations for breakfasts and snacks in the hotel and catering industry.

Premium desserts need quality glace cherries in hotels and restaurants.Lazaya has been supplying glace cherries for the Horeca sector for decades: existing customers always come back for the quality of our product, as new customers come to us to meet special needs on preserved fruit of the high-end Horeca business. This was the case of a customer who made a special request: ‘Could you please package candied cherries and maraschino cherries in a clean and functional container, suitable for large-scale kitchens?’ In other words, would you be able to pack candied fruits using neither glass nor tin?

Jars, cans or plastic containers for glace cherries intended for large-scale kitchens?

Special needs of the Horeca business require an appropiate answer: pasteurized plastice containers for glace cherries are a convenient solution for large-scale kitchens.Neither glass nor tins are definitely suitable packages to work with in the kitchen at a hotel/restaurant. There is a difference between keeping the food properties in good conditions and being functional. When opened, cans may hurt, while broken glass may create a real mess in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants or catering services, spaces where many people work under the pressure of many lunches and dinners in very small spaces of time.

Well, we realized that the type of packaging that preserved fruit manufacturers supplied to the Horeca industry in order to maintain the quality of candied and maraschino cherries did not fully satisfy its requirements. Priority attention is always given to food safety and hygiene over other considerations in Lazaya, but, on equal terms, pleasing customers is a distinguishing mark for our family business, over half a century old.

Glace cherries with a big plus for the entire supply chain

Lazaya's glace cherries are the best option for your sweet preparations in hotels, restaurants and catering services.Benefits from the use of glass jars and cans over plastic containers use to be pasteurization, a procedure of hygienization complicated to carry out with plastic. Our fear was that the process of pasteurization of plastic, which involves bringing the containers to temperatures just below boiling and then cool quickly to kill pathogens, could also drag unwanted substances contained in the plastic to the food…

Our R & D department was encourged to explore how the customer needs could be met. Indeed, the technological advances of the last decade have made it possible to obtain pasteurizable plastic containers, a great success benefiting the entire food supply chain. Lazaya has set up and maintained this innovation in the packaging of glace cherries for the hotel, restaurant and catering services sector.

Our candied cherries in pasteurized plastic container are an innovation in the market.  The packaging* is compact, unbreakable, lightweight and, therefore, easy to handle for Horeca. They are also easy to stack, and even have more features designed for the user’s comfort: they are transparent, which makes it possible to distinguish the glace cherries at first glance. (* PP / EVOH / PP multilayer packaging.)

Needless to say that our “satisfied customer” has become a “satisfied and faithful client” of Lazaya. ?

Does your hotel, restaurant or catering service need a solution like this to go on using candied cherries in dishes? Contact us. Our preserved fruit company is here to help you.