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Awareness about environmental sustainability in the preserved fruit sector is one of Lazaya’s business guidelines: progress to innovation through sustainable development in the region of Calatayud (Aragón) is a genuine concern for us. We work towards the achievement of these values in all our business areas, from the growing and watering of the plantations to the implementation of strict protocols in the facilities where we process the preserved fruit. Our full control  over all the process stages allows us to offer you the best quality products made with the highest respect for the environment an diversity of our beloved Aragonian land.

Lazaya’s blog will encourage us to accurately convey our real concern on environmental sustainability: different articles will help us to pick out our environmental friendly way of producing preserved fruit and candied fruits, an all the changes we have implemented in our business to meet our high requirements, from  setting up a weather station to optimize the irrigation to the regular review of the atomizers for plagues in order to minimize the use of pesticides, according to the strictest regulations.

Stages of the production of candied fruits: the harvest season

The production of candied fruit requires little mature fruit for processing.The production of candied fruits for your pastries, ice creams or confectionery products implies a previous hard work in our plantations in Épila (Aragón).  We already told you how natural pollination with bumblebees was carried out. Today we are going to reveal how we live the harvest in our double role of fruit growers and manufacturers of candied fruits…

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Stages of the production of candied fruits: the natural pollination

The production of candied fruits involves different stages, the first ones taking place, as expected, in the natural environment: sowing, pruning, pollination, harvest… We are going to tell you how (and when) natural pollination of the fruit trees is carried out. It is one of the most fascinating stages for those of us who love natural environment, so we want to explain here to encourage our customers to trust in the quality of our products.

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Glace cherries in pasteurized plastic container specially designed for Horeca

Premium desserts need quality glace cherries in hotels and restaurants.Glace cherries are a select food product usually present in many culinary preparations that hotels, restaurants and catering services make. It is really a classic of the gastronomy in the hospitality industry. The vibrant color and  juicy texture of candied cherries are an irresistible lure to trigger attraction for sweet desserts. Candied fruit cubes can also be found in cake preparations for breakfasts and snacks in the hotel and catering industry.

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Preserved fruit and sustainable use of plant protection products

Preserved fruit with the utmost respect for the environment and food safety.Lazaya’s preserved fruit is the result of a careful process of cultivation, harvesting and processing in which we promote the conservation of the environment. It is one of Lazaya’s corporate values pursued in all our actions.

Accordingly, we can proudly say that we respect and take care of the environment in each of the stages of production of our preserved fruit. In this way, we avoid contaminating as much as possible, minimizing the generation of waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources in our region of Calatayud (Aragón, Spain).
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Our preserved fruit company is pioneer in saving irrigation water

A couple of cherries dripping water

Our preserved fruit company has become pioneer in saving irrigation water in our region of Aragón (northeastern Spain), due to an investment program set up some years ago in our plantations of fruit trees. Lazaya firmly believes in sustainable agriculture and responsible water use. We are going to make every effort to mantain this strong commitment in Calatayud and its surrounding lands which we feel so attacched to. Besides being fruit preserves manufacturers, we are also fruit growers.

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