Lazaya's quality control of its certified preserved fruit also covers handling and packaging.Certified preserved fruit ensures a minimum standard of quality and food security that non-certified products seldom achieve. We will tell you here why it is important to demand certified preserved fruit from your suppliers and what returns your business will get. Let us face it.

Lazaya's quality control of its certified preserved fruit also covers handling and packaging.

What are food safety certifications for?

Audits play an important role in verifying proper food safety practices at food processing facilities. Indeed, food safety certifications are the response to a growing consumers’ demand on food products that do not risk their health. Unable to personally control the entire food chain, consumers request Government regulations on the issue to satisfactorily accomplish the goals of ensuring the food safety in their countries.

The purpose of third-party food safety certifications is to ease and promote compliance with health legislation in order to avoid risk of serious harm on individuals. They guarantee that all the audits in a particular industry  are the same and are backed by an independent laboratory. This means a further reinforcement of the quality control of preserved and candied fruits that you can transmit to your own clients as a relevant information, so that they can boost their confidence on your products.

Furthermore, in those cases when regulations of a particular country are tougher or simply different (e.g. United Kingdom in Europe), it is worth ensuring that your products complies with the specific requierements that allow you to sell them in this place.

In short, if you are proud of your top-quality products, no matter what food sector you are in (pastry, ice creams, horeca…), there is a need for ensuring that all the food products you get have the same quality you love to transfer… Only suppliers of certified preserved fruit give you that full warranty.

Advantages of food security certifications: a win-win situation

Lazaya's management is seriously commited to food safety guidelines over the entire chain.Internal food and safety controls and external audits to meet toughest regulatory requierements endorse Lazaya’s certified preserved fruit. Food safety certifications bring a win-win situation to every stakeholder in the food production process, from farmers to consumers. The main advantages of external food security audits are the following:

  • Improve competitive advantage: food safety certifications acredited by your suppliers can help you set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Provide access to markets: your suppliers’ food safety certifications can help you gain opportunities abroad.
  • Enable the controller to concentrate on  preparing and applying the regulations leaving the supervision of the compliance control to an independent organization.
  • Provide ongoing improvement: accreditations pinpoint areas for improvement of competitiveness through an efficient and further monitored management.
  • Enable the selection of reliable providers of food ingredients and food products.
  • Guarantee protection against possible error.
  • Help reassure consumers about buying food products adding value to them.

Getting and keeping food safety accreditations require a firm commitment by senior management. They also imply the conviction that food safety and hygiene are a priority against other business goals, such as ensuring maximum benefit. If your supplier is endorsed by food safety accreditations, you can be sure that it is firmly committed to its product quality.

Certified preserved fruit: third-party certificates endorsement

Food safety controls, both internal and external, are a priority for our factory of certified preserved fruit.We are committed to the hygiene and food safety of our preserved fruit. Lazaya’s certified preserved fruit has a guaranteed quality as a result of our concern to provide our customers with the candied fruits, fruit jam, jelly fruits and fruits in syrup they expect from us.

Ensuring the quality and safety of our certified preserved fruits sets us appart from our competitors and helps to build our clients’ confidence… The same confidence transferred through the supply chain that can ultimately influence the purchasing behaviour of consumer. Well-informed consumers are not only worthy of respect, but a social good that must be protected and promoted.

Lazaya’s certified preserved fruit manufacturing processes are carried out according to quality and safety guidelines based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).  We are firmly committed to the quality of our product, and that is why we perform internal controls, which are combined with those performed by external accredited independent laboratories.  We are founding partners of the Spanish National Center for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA), one of the most advanced quality and food safety centers in our country. In addition, we control all the process as we have our own fruit plantations for supplying our facilities in Calatayud (Aragón, Spain).

Main external audits supporting our certified preserved fruit

Our company has the best-known certificates of quality and food safety around the world: ISO 9001, ISO 22000 (a selective application of ISO 9001 to agri-food industries) and IFS. Likewise, Kosher and Halal certification allow us to further progress in our presence in international markets, conquered with our unbeatable quality.

If you have any questions about our certified preserved fruit, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you. 🙂