Flores blancas de los cerezosThe month of March opens the door to Spring and showcases the blossoming of cherry trees which cover the orchards in beautiful swathes of white flowers that are a stunning act of nature.
La floración de los cerezos en marzo

By going into bloom, the cherry tree flower buds prove they have survived the low winter temperatures with aplomb and within weeks these beautiful flowers give way to green leaves and dark red cherry fruit.

The cherry blossoms usually begin to appear mid-March and continue until the middle of April, however these dates are not always exact as they depend upon meteorological conditions and how cold the winter months have been. From beginning to end, the flowering season for cherry trees usually lasts fifteen days a year during which hundreds of people come together to enjoy the beauty and colour of cherry blossoms in orchards.

The amazing sight of cherry trees in bloom

La floración de los cerezos en marzoCherry trees are a species that blossoms quite late and although they can cope with temperatures as low as -20ºC, the truth is that they are very sensitive to the freezing cold snaps of springtime because their flowers can be damaged by excessively low temperatures. This is why farmers always wish for a calm April in order to allow their cherry trees to flower without difficulties.

Most cherry tree varieties flower from the 20th of March until the 10th of April, although this may vary a few days either way depending upon the temperatures they have faced during the previous winter. Early blooms occur when there have been many cold snaps followed by warm days at the end of the process. These blossoms tend to be the most abundant.

The first trees to come into bloom are those in orchards on low lying land but as time goes by cherry blossom can be seen in all areas, with those orchards on highest ground going into bloom the latest.

In Spain we take delight in white cherry blossoms with five delicate petals, however in Japan, where cherry trees have been venerated since ancient times, they also grow varieties with green petals that turn pink.

Pollination of cherry trees

La floración de los cerezos en marzoBees and the wind are the only pollinators that help cherry trees develop their fruit. Warm conditions (between 15ºC and 22ºC) are optimal for helping pollination, in the hope that only light rain falls so that the bees can carry out their work well.

Bees pollinate the flowers in a controlled manner so that it is carried out in a uniform way. Beehives of insects are taken to the cherry orchards to begin pollinating and two months after flowering, the fruit begins to grow.

It is worth remembering that cherries are one of the few fruits that do not mature after harvest, which means they must be eaten or treated as quickly as possible so that they do not lose any of their qualities thus ensuring that their unmistakable flavour, colour and aroma can be enjoyed by all.

Lazaya’s cherry tree orchards

Lazaya was founded in 1940 with the idea of offering top quality preserved fruits to consumers, and the best way to do this was to have their own orchards. Lazaya now owns over 130 hectares of cherry orchards which are carefully looked after, and which produce a selection of the best fruit available for use in their canning factory.

Cherry trees require special care, such as specific pruning, sustainable water supplies, natural pollination by bees and, finally, a handpicked harvest. This control of the raw material, together with the processing and canning of products carried out without any third-party intervention means that the highest levels of quality are maintained, which is the main reason why Lazaya has become the most sought-after brand by chefs, confectioners, bakers and hospitality professionals.

Take a look at our catalogue to find glacé cherries, Amarena cherries, Maraschino cherries, cherries in liquor and preserved fruit in sodium dioxide, all of which hold the unmistakable taste of fruit that has been freshly picked from the tree.  It goes without saying that seeing the cherry trees in blossom is one of the highlights of our year. Contact us with your requests. We are happy to help.