Innovative traditional ice creamsIce creams are some of the most consumed dairy products throughout the year, not only at ice cream parlours but also at restaurants, hotels or via catering services. Particularly in the summer, ice cream offers freshness, flavours and different textures to reduce the impact of warm weather. It is a favourite dessert for children, and adults also often opt for classic ice cream desserts as well as surprising avant garde choices.
Innovative traditional ice creams

Professional master ice cream makers tend to include a wide range of ice creams in their repertoire, from perennial favourites to trend-setting new and innovative creations. Here is a selection of the most popular ice creams that are usually on offer at all Horeca premises:

Classic ice creams that are a favourite with everyone!

  • Vanilla ice cream: this traditional ice cream is very popular both on its own or marbled. It is often served in a sundae alongside other flavours such as chocolate, strawberry or coffee ice cream.
  • Chocolate ice cream: this flavour is often mixed with other ingredients such as almonds or hazelnuts, or with other flavours such as cream or vanilla. There are thousands of ways to make chocolate ice cream and the end result never fails to be delicious.
  • Stracciatella ice cream: this Italian ice cream flavour which mixes milk with chocolate flakes is one of the most popular choices across the globe, with several variations that make this delicious dish even more rich to taste.
  • Whipped cream ice cream: this plain ice cream flavour can be combined in many different ways. It is often served alongside strawberries, walnuts, almonds or candied fruit. The only limitation to whipped cream ice cream is the stretch of the professional ice cream maker’s imagination.
  • Lemon ice cream: although lemon flavour is often associated with ice lollies, in fact it makes a versatile, simple, creamy and refreshing ice cream too, and one that has many fans during the summer months.
  • Turrón flavoured ice cream: this Spanish ice cream is made with turrón from Jijona and is a favourite of more mature audiences. It has a strong taste and is sometimes served alongside vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. It is a delicious, almond flavoured ice cream, typical of Spain.

Avant garde ice creams to delight your clients

  • Mint ice cream: this is a divisive flavour which is either liked or avoided by clients, but it makes a refreshing choice during the summer months. It is often served with chocolate chips, although some ice cream parlours have begun innovating with a surprising contrast of mixed flavours.
  • Cheesecake flavoured ice cream: this visually attractive ice cream is delicious to taste with its irresistible mixture of cream cheese and fruit jam. It is often served with chocolate, almond flakes, walnuts, biscuit, etc.
  • Ice cream dipped in almonds: one of the most common ice cream toppings is almonds. When ice cream is dipped in almonds, the end result is often innovative as it can be served with many different flavours and textures. Other ingredients used for dipping ice cream include pistachios, cashew nuts, pine nuts, sesame seeds, etc.

Other popular avant garde flavours that are currently on the market include yoghurt flavoured ice cream, tiramisu with panna cotta flavoured ice cream, blancmange and caramel flavoured ice cream, Nutella flavoured ice cream, Oreo cookie ice cream, etc.

Ice creams that contain candied fruit

Candied fruit adds a fresh, sweet and sour touch to ice cream that is universally liked. Some traditional ice cream flavours have always relied on candied fruits as an ingredient, whereas other innovative ice cream variations created by professional ice cream makers also contain candied fruit. Here are a few examples of ice cream that includes candied fruit:

  • Tutti Frutti ice cream: this ice cream dessert is celebrated for its colourful aspect as well as the variety of tastes and textures that the chopped fruit provides, whether it be candied or natural fruit, such as orange, lemon, apple or peach.
  • Glacé cherry ice cream: This is becoming a classic avant garde ice cream dish, which invariably surprises with its variations, be it through its combination with chocolate or mint, or because it is served with other ingredients.
  • Banana Split: this delicious ice cream includes banana, vanilla, chocolate, whipped cream and cherries, although each professional ice cream maker gives it their personal, innovative touch that can delight even the most exacting of clients.
  • Fruits of the forest and yoghurt ice cream: Frozen yoghurt is a favourite among children, and when mixed with fruit, makes a good avenue for them to consume fruit, as it is finely chopped. It is often served with fruits of the forest, such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Ice cream offers a whole host of ways to surprise your clients, as seen above, with variations surrounding aromas, flavours and colours, where candied fruit makes an important contribution in allowing some ice cream creations to stand out from the rest. Professional ice cream makers always choose top quality brands which offer full guarantees and have a wide range of fruit in various types of containers and formats.

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