Candied fruit for Horeca sectorEver since we came out of lockdown due to the Covid-19 health crisis we have been getting used to the term the new normal. However, this new phase has meant that many businesses have needed to adapt to several changes, among those, Horeca premises.
What the new normal means to the hospitality sector

The new panorama has led to changes in hygiene measures when handling food; has altered business management strategies; and many businesses have looked into the links between all players within their supply chain. This is why those working in the hospitality sector have made the most of the enforced closure time to fully train business owners and staff with regards to the new security measures and the introduction of health and sanitation protocols that aim to greatly reduce the risk of infection, for example by installing hand sanitiser units on their premises, displaying posters providing useful information, placing signs on the floor to indicate distancing measures, etc.

This has meant that, when the businesses reopened, they all had a clear idea about how to act so that this return to normal was smooth and successful for all involved. It is clear that the dedication and effort made by suppliers, distributors and hospitality premises to adapt to the new normal has paid off. The public has been able to enjoy the best products and services once more, in record time and with guaranteed measures.

The importance of the hospitality sector within society

Those who run Horeca establishments sought solutions from the outset and accepted the huge challenge of closing their businesses for an indeterminate amount of time. The importance of the hospitality sector within society cannot be denied. Hospitality produces and attracts consumers who not only receive bed and board as clients but are also treated to memorable experiences.

For example, hotels often not only offer a room or a nice meal to their guests, they also include details to make the stay a perfect one, such as leaving a chocolate sweet under a pillow, or giving guests a room with beautiful views or providing service that is so good that even the most demanding clients are impressed.

The same is true at good restaurants. As well as offering food to diners, these establishments make sure that each dish is unique and that the dining experience is enjoyable whether the guests are a family group, some friends sharing a meal, or a couple having a meal together. The end result is an unforgettable experience in which everyone can disconnect from current affairs. Likewise, those who opt for hiring outside caterers are treated to unique experiences that create memories that last longer than those left by these weeks in which uncertainty and worry have been the only emotions we have felt.

The creativity and ability to surprise and offer individualized experiences that marry with the tastes and requirements of each client is one of the factors that best describes the activity of those within the hospitality sector, and, even though it has not been easy to adapt to the new normal, Horeca establishments have bounced back and are daily reinventing themselves to adapt to their clients’ requirements.

The new normal within the hospitality sector

Embracing digital technology and innovation have been determining factors that have helped Horeca establishments recover quickly from the global health crisis, especially in the areas of distribution, production and communication. For example, communicating via social media has been key in reaching a greater number of clients, as well as receiving real time feedback on the health and hygiene safety conditions of each establishment.

Other IT advances that hospitality businesses have been using include adding QR codes for their menus, self service tech and facial recognition, all of which have been quickly rolled out for Horeca premises and are now present in many establishments. The take away format which did not used to be so popular has enjoyed great success during the pandemic and looks likely to stay as a permanent feature of the new normal.

Some important groups in the sector have given support to clients, providing one-to-one advice about their businesses in order to overcome the problems that have arisen from the decrease in income and the accumulation of costs. This is, without a doubt, the right way to face the future with optimism and vigour: offering each client an individual experience in order to stand out from the competition.

At Lazaya we have also embraced the new normal by innovating and working out how to offer the best service to all those professionals who have been giving their best throughout the pandemic. Suppliers have taken the limelight during the pandemic because hotels and restaurants have needed to rely on the best brands to provide them with fast and personalized service.

Therefore, in our role as suppliers, Lazaya has made available the best candied fruit and candied vegetables for Horeca establishments, making individual orders and improving interactions between all players: supplier, distributor and professional establishment. Thus, we have been able to offer better service to clients and make our contribution towards overcoming this situation. If you would like to ask us a question or consult our services during this period of new normality, do not hesitate in contacting us.

At Lazaya we continue to work, day in, day out, to support our clients all over the world.