Combining a good sales strategy and an attractive menu of desserts with preserved fruit can really make a big difference if you plan well how to do it and instruct the staff to go all in one. You can increase the billing or the average ticket of your restaurant through different marketing techniques, and also do it through suggestions and a stunning dessert menu.

Let’s start by something basic… The average ticket is calculated very simply, dividing the income by the number of customers. Many customer management systems associated with the cash register already offer this calculation. With these types of applications, you can also know which waiter gets a higher average ticket, which is probably because he uses cross selling more effectively.
Portion of cake with strawberry mousse and candied cherries: desserts with preserved fruit are delicious.
That’s why we are going to explain what cross selling is about, and how you can apply your strategies to your business through a tempting menu of desserts with preserved fruit.

Cross-selling is a sales technique that allows you to increase billing by offering your customers complementary products to those you consume or intend to consume.

It can be complementary to other strategies to attract new customers, with the advantage that in this case it is about offering value to customers who have already opted for your restaurant. Some companies manage to invoice up to 20 percent more just with the cross-selling. Can you imagine…?

The advantage is that you can retain customers because it will improve their impression of the global offer you have in your restaurant.

Ideas for a menu of desserts with preserved fruit that attracts orders 

The proposal we make to you from what we know, preserved fruit business, is to energize the dessert menu orders with those customers who often, and for different reasons, go directly to the cafe.

An attractive presentation and visibility

Here comes the presentation of desserts, the more attractive the better. Our preserved fruit can help you with special products like our jelly fruits for bright and creamy toppings, delicious filling jams and our tasty and stunning candied cherries or cherries in syrup.

Regarding visibility, there are several strategies: from taking a dessert cart to each table (which all the customers will be able and pleased to see) to a dessert showcase or the very appearance of each dessert dish when taking them to the table, which will be appreciated by the diners of the surrounding tables.

Offer special desserts with supplement on the menu
Desserts with preserved fruit handcrafted by the chef.

Let’s say you offer a menu that includes a series of discreet desserts, but you think you can include other more attractive desserts with an extra charge. It might be a good idea to specify it in the menu. That’s where you have to work out your dessert menu, and think about how to offer more value: homemade cakes, artisan desserts with healthy products… In short, leave your comfort zone with special combinations. How about a yoghourt mousse with jelly fruits instead of a simple yoghourt? What if your star cake were a homemade carrot and fresh cheese one?

Tasting of assorted desserts

Individual desserts often seems too heavy after a copious meal. However, customers are willing to accept the suggestion to try the different desserts of the house by sharing them. A good presentation and small portions of the desserts can be the solution for everyone to satisfy his or her sweet tooth, and the average ticket will increase

Desserts in limited edition

Most people love updates. Offering the dessert of the month may be a good idea to boost dessert consumption among those customers who may not always decide to do so. Limited editions are almost always attractive.

Work the dessert menu with the confectioner, taking into account factors such as the seasonality of the ingredients (customers will be more inclined to take desserts with a touch of cinnamon at Easter, nougat sweets as Christmas time approaches, etc.).

Encourage to consume traditional, artisan or renovated homemade desserts

We all know that artisan desserts are much more appealing than brand ice cream, a piece of fruit or a yoghourt in a restaurant. But it is important to take care of the presentation and the message, and even to introduce different nuances: it is not the same to offer in the menu a homemade rice with milk and cinnamon than a mousse made of the same ingredients. Work this aspect in your restaurant.

Review the names and descriptions of sweet desserts

It doesn’t matter what kind of restaurant you have, but try to send out positive messages on the dessert menu. Each dessert need not be accompanied by a long nomenclature requiring translation: just be suggestive in the descriptions

And finally, how about working cocktails for the dessert… Many people may dare with a vermouth or cocktail to whet their appetite. Ensure that the waiters offer it after sitting the customers at the table, and create an attractive presentation by adding fruit, for example, our delicious candied cherries.

Make the offers sound irresistible

Ensure that the staff knows the proper way to incite dessert consumption, presenting them as an irresistible offer. Words like “traditional”, “artisan”, “special” help.

What can Lazaya offer you for attractive desserts with preserved fruit?

We can offer you an assortment of products that will help you create those desserts with preserved fruit… Delicious products that will help you design a more attractive dessert menu, both in its external appearance and in its flavour, as the quality of our products is extraordinary. Topping jelly fruits, fruit fillings, fruits in syrup, glace cherries, combined candied fruit cubes… Don’t hesitate, and ask us.