Drunken cherries in confectionaryDesserts containing drunken fruits are becoming more and more popular, not simply because they are so original and attractive. Tasting one of these desserts is akin to having a taste explosion on your palate, including textures not usually associated to desserts. Drunken fruit is most recognizably used in confectionary, but drunken fruit can also be used in sponge cakes, in cupcakes, in flans, in pies, in muffins and in ice cream.
Desserts using drunken fruit
Despite drunken cherries being the most popular fruit in alcohol, peaches, strawberries, blue berries, pineapple, pear, passion fruit, plum, cherry, etc can all be used. It depends upon the creativity and imagination of the master confectioner. The result is always a dessert with a surprising flavour and texture that offers freshness and innovation to your clients.

Chocolate blends nicely with spirits, contrasting the sweet and full flavour of the former with the intense liqueur aroma of the alcohol that hardly has any acidity. Some of the most delicious combinations of dark chocolate and spirits are made with brandy, whisky, rum, tequila, cognac and nut liqueurs made from almonds or hazelnuts, etc.

Drunken fruit in baking

Drunken fruit is made by adding fruit to a mixture of syrup and cooking alcohol, or a liqueur, and leaving to soak for several weeks or even months. The longer the fruit is left, the stronger the flavour.

Professional chefs and bakers no longer need to prepare drunken fruit themselves because there are several products on the market that can be used for making desserts. Drunken cherries are most often used by master dessert makers, although, as we mentioned above, other drunken fruit can be used to surprise those who dine in their establishments.

Creative ideas for using drunken fruit in desserts

These are just a few suggestions that professional chefs can consider when thinking of using drunken cherries in a fun and imaginative way. The objective is clear: all diners who try these desserts in hotels, restaurants, bakeries or catering establishments find them so mouth-watering they will want to have seconds.

Black forest gateau with drunken cherries

Instead of making a traditional black forest gateau, you could try making a different type of dessert inspired by this classic but served in a glass.  If you add chocolate mousse with cream and chunks of brownie with drunken cherries, the result can be very tasty indeed, as well as looking very appealing as these mini desserts, served in a glass, appear much more elegant.

Tiramisu with drunken cherries

Tiramisu can be reinvented in many different ways, especially given the creativity of some dessert makers. However, when using drunken cherries, it is important to use less quantity than if you were using fresh cherries. It is possible to find a perfect equilibrium between the chocolate, cream, cherry and alcohol. The end result is truly surprising.

Almond cakes with drunken cherries

Diners find these individual desserts delightful. Almonds and walnuts are probably the most popular dried fruit used in cake making because they blend nicely with sweet flavours and the majority of fruits. In this case, drunken cherries enhance the flavour of the cakes.

Cheesecake with drunken cherries

This traditional dessert, which can sometimes appear rather boring, can be innovated by adding chopped drunken cherries. These bring out the flavour of all the other ingredients and also make the dessert look more attractive.

Always choose the best brand of drunken cherries

Chefs and confectionary makers rely upon the fact that the best ingredients they want are available in the format that they need. The ingredients need to be available in varying formats to adapt to the requirements of each professional. With drunken cherries, prepared for quick and easy use, this product is available in halved cherries or with whole ones.

Therefore, Lazaya makes a wide range of formats available in the catalogue that allows professionals to choose drunken cherries to order, with the size of the fruit and the degree of alcohol content required, selected on an individual basis.

Furthermore, we have our own cherry orchards, and we take care of the whole process, thus ensuring that the amount of organic residue such as stalks, leaves and stones is at a minimum. If you seek drunken cherries for confectionary making or for any type of dessert, do not hesitate to contact us.