Candied fruit pricesCandied fruit is a delicacy appreciated around the world for its sweet flavor and the versatility it brings to professionals in the kitchen. However, its price can vary considerably depending on a series of factors that affect both the raw material and the production process. In this post, we are going to see the main factors that influence the candied fruit price, such as the harvest in a context of climate change, the quality of raw materials and production processes.

The impact of climate candied fruit price

Climate change has significantly altered weather patterns around the world and is affecting fruit production. Changes in temperature, precipitation and extreme events can have a direct impact on the quantity and quality of harvested fruit. This, in turn, decisively influences the price of candied fruit.

Crop variability

As we know, in abundant harvest years, the supply of fruit is greater, which generally leads to lower prices in the candied fruit market. On the contrary, in years of poor harvest, due to unfavorable weather conditions, supply is reduced and prices tend to rise. This may be more noticeable in specific fruits that are more sensitive to weather conditions, such as citrus and berries.

The importance of planning

Candied fruit manufacturers must carefully plan their raw material purchases based on harvest estimates and expected weather conditions. The ability to anticipate fluctuations in supply can help mitigate the impact of changes in the price of candied fruit.

Selection of quality fruit

The quality of the raw material is a critical factor that influences the price of candied fruit. Choosing fresh, ripe, high-quality fruits is essential to obtain a final product that meets the flavor and texture expectations demanded by professionals. Quality fruit usually has a higher price in the market, which is reflected in the price of candied fruit.

Origin of the fruit

The origin of the fruit can also influence the price of candied fruit. Fruits from regions with a reputation for producing high-quality products often have a higher cost. In addition, distance and transportation costs can increase the price of the raw material.

Impact of the season

The season in which the fruit is harvested can affect its quality and price. Fruits harvested in their peak season are generally more plentiful and therefore more affordable. However, some fruits can also be harvested in the low season and have a higher price due to lower supply.

Candied fruit production process

The process of making candied fruit can be carried out with artisanal methods or with sophisticated large-scale industrial processes. Handcrafted products typically have a higher price, due to the workmanship and personalized attention that goes into each batch. On the other hand, industrial production can benefit from economies of scale and have a lower cost.

Ingredients and process quality

The quality of the ingredients used for candied fruit also influences the price. Manufacturers who use high-quality ingredients, such as natural sugars and authentic flavor essences, may have a higher expense, although they offer a higher quality and flavorful final product.

Product innovation and value

The incorporation of technological innovations in the production process, such as packaging, prolong the useful life of the product without the need for artificial preservatives. This aspect can increase the cost of production and, therefore, that of the final product. However, these products are usually in fairly high demand and can be sold at a higher price on the market.

Why choose candied fruit from recognized brands

As we have seen, the price of candied fruit is influenced by many factors, including climate change, but also the quality of the raw material and the production process used by each manufacturer.

Canned fruit brands must take all of these factors into account when pricing their products and planning their production and distribution strategies. Without a doubt, manufacturers with a long history in the market and a wide variety of candied fruits, formats and packaging, are much more likely to be appreciated by professionals, as is the case of Lazaya Preserved Fruit.

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