candied fruit cubes in fruit cakeWe are living through times that we once thought were only in the realms of science fiction yet now they are our everyday reality. COVID-19 has locked down millions of people inside their homes, with the unexpectedly nice consequence that we now have more time to read, do things in family and learn new skills, including how to make delicious desserts.
glacé cherries for homemade desserts
Our everyday routines have altered due to the closure of many business premises, a reduction in movement and the general pause of the majority of commercial activities, with perhaps one of the sectors most affected by this crisis being leisure and tourism. Nevertheless, we have no doubt that these pleasures will be enjoyed again once more.

However, despite the temporary closure of hotels and restaurants, the majority of people still want to enjoy lovely food at home, and as a result there has been a surge of interest in home baking. Over the past few weeks there has been a spike in demand for ingredients used in making desserts.

Experts agree that in times of uncertainty the desire to consume sweet dishes increases because they provide us with a little treat during moments of sorrow and stress, similar to the ones we face at present. This has led many people to try their hand at homemade desserts and although the end result may not look exactly the same as those creations made by master bakers, nevertheless the time and effort spent in making the sponge cake, fruit cake or any other sweet dish is always a good investment for the enjoyment afforded in eating it at leisure from the comfort of your own home.

Using candied fruit in homemade desserts

The secret to making deliciously tasty and surprisingly beautiful desserts is to use good quality ingredients, which is why we at Lazaya are keen to share our amazing variety of candied fruits with the wider world so that everyone knows what to look for at their local supermarket and grocery store. We are here to meet consumer demands. Read on to discover what we offer.

Glacé cherries

Our glacé cherries are very popular among professional bakers for use in pastry making (flans, tarts, bon bons, turron, etc) and in cake making (cupcakes, sponge cakes, shortcake, muffins… etc) as well for use in ice creams and cocktails.

maraschino cherry retail

Thus, candied cherries are an alluring option for any of your homemade desserts. Their flavour and texture make them popular as a main ingredient, however they are also used for decoration, with their bright red colour a temptation to anyone.

Lazaya offers a wide range of glacé cherries to meet any requirement requested by the dessert recipe that you wish to make. We have whole cherries to use for decoration, we have halved cherries or chopped cherries for fillings or to use as an ingredient for cupcakes or ice creams.

Our cherries are available in different sizes, with or without the stem, sugar free or sweetened, and in different colours (natural colourants are used), for you to use as decoration. We have 200g tubs of glacé cherries or 212ml jars of cherries with or without their stems.

Candied fruit cubes

glace mixed fruits for dessertCandied fruit cubes are another excellent ingredient for cake making as they offer a special touch in both flavour and texture to any dessert you wish to make. Lazaya makes 200g tubs of orange peel or lemon peel; we also make candied apple cubes, carrot cubes and mixed candied fruit cubes with a variety of cubed fruit. There are different sizes and colours of candied fruit cubes (only natural colourants are used) so that you can fill or decorate your baked goods in whichever way you wish.

We also have a wide range of candied fruit to choose from in order to get the right combination for your desserts and please your loved ones with pronounced flavours and interesting textures. To give just one example, you can add orange peel cubes and carrot cubes to a fruit cake mix so as to provide a delicious combination of sweet carrot and tangy orange.

Other good combinations include carrot and apple or lemon and cherry. You can add sultanas to a sponge cake for extra quality. Or why not try with the miscellaneous variety of cubed fruits, like those found in our mix which includes lemon and orange peel, apple, and much more.Glace red cherries retail

You could always use candied fruit cubes in cupcakes, which is bound to please the younger bakers among you. If you use colourful icing and add some candied lemon or candied orange, they are sure to lick their lips in delight! Candied fruit cubes can be used in rich ice creams, in muffins, in jam tarts or whichever cake you can think of. The sky is the limit!

Help make confinement less of a drag by preparing your favourite desserts to enjoy at home with the whole family. Remember, our candied fruit comes from our own orchards and we keep an eye on the complete production process. If you are a retailer with a query about our products, feel free to contact us to find out more.