Recipes using glacé cherriesCherries are a delicious seasonal fruit with a special flavour that has become synonymous with many types of baked goods. They are used as ingredients or as extras in several desserts. One of the many qualities cherries has is their ability to be used in combination with multiple types of textures, served either hot or cold, so that they appear in a number of different sponge cakes, pies, tarts, cream desserts, jams, confectionary, mousse … the list goes on.
Candied cherries in creative baking

Glacé cherries mix well with other flavours and textures and are the ideal essential ingredient for many professional chefs working on creative baking tasks. This is why they are becoming more and more prevalent as decorations for cakes, as fillings for cupcakes or bonbons, in rich dessert sauces, or as a distinctive flair in cocktails and milkshakes. Here are a few ideas about how to use glacé cherries in innovative ways within creative baking:

Cherries for cheesecake

Cheesecake is a popular and delicious dessert that tops the list of many hotel breakfast buffets, restaurant dessert menus and catering company catalogues. Although this is a traditional dessert, it invites surprising and modern twists, such as using glacé cherries as decoration or adding bits of candied cherry to the baking mix so as to intensify the flavour. The bright red cherry colour makes the cake even more attractive, contrasting as it does with the white colour of the cheese.

Cherry cupcakes

Cupcakes are in vogue at the moment and there is a surprising variety of flavours, colours and textures that allow bakers to explore their creative side and make truly beautiful masterpieces with cherries as the ultimate ally. They can be used to decorate or as an ingredient within the cupcake, with delightful results.

Cherry panna cotta

Why not add a master stroke to this delicious creamy Italian dessert by including whole glacé cherries to the spoonful? The end result is incredible, not solely due to the delicious flavour, but also because of the combination of textures between the panna cotta and the cherry. Whenever this unusual combination is tried out the result is so enjoyable that it is immediately repeated.

Black Forest gateaux with cherries

This traditional German cake is highly popular and in such demand that it regularly appears on HORECA menus. The DNA of this cake is chocolate and kirsch, with glacé cherry decorations on top and at the base, providing a beautiful colour contrast.

Cherry fruit cake

Classic fruit cake has the chance to surprise even the most demanding taste buds when creative combinations of candied fruit are chosen for a twist. How about combining cherries with kiwi, or strawberries, plums and blueberries? Whichever candied fruit ingredient is chosen, it should be dusted with flour in order to avoid sinking to the bottom of the cake dish when baking.

Chocolate muffins with cherries

This dessert exploits the excellent resulting flavours achieved when chocolate and fruits of the forest are combined. The sponginess of the muffin with its slightly bitter chocolate taste contrasts nicely with the sweet and slightly acidic cherry, causing an authentic explosion of flavours in the mouth. This is all achieved by simply putting a cherry on top of each chocolate muffin.

Glacé cherries from Lazaya

Professional bakers always opt for the best brands when choosing ingredients, not simply because of their top quality, but also because they guarantee ease of use when chosen as an ingredient. Important aspects such as presentation, containers, the preservation techniques, and the lifespan of the product all contribute to make a brand stand out from the rest and be chosen by a master baker.

We have spent more than 80 years perfecting the art of preserving fruit at Lazaya. We make preserved fruit, candied fruit and other key varieties that make life easy for professional bakers so that they can give their imagination free rein in dessert making. Our glacé cherries come in different formats depending upon requirements: they can be bought whole, in different sizes, pipped or with a stone, with or without the stem, halved or diced. Our containers also vary according to the quantity of cherries desired, in small tubs, pots, cartons, tins, jars, etc.

Our aim is that every professional chef finds the right container they seek with the fruit presented in the required format so that it adapts perfectly to their needs. Lazaya has a wide range of products to meet all tastes and desires.

The cherries that we use are grown in our own commercial cherry plantations, thereby guaranteeing their excellent quality and thorough control over all stages of the process, from harvesting to distribution. If you wish to find out more about our glacé cherries, please do not hesitate in contacting us, we would be delighted to help you.