Maraschino cherry enhances the appeal of industrial or bakery cakes.Maraschino cherry is an timeless ingredient that can help you generate more turnover: the appeal and colourfulness or Maraschino cherry enhance the attractiveness of your cocktails or sweet preparations, make instantly instagramable your products (you know it is a high added value for new Millennial generation) and improve the customers perception of your products as more valuable than those of your competitors.
Maraschino cherries enhance the appeal of industrial or bakery cakes.
Here you can learn everything about the Maraschino cherry, incluiding some merchandising strategies to take advantage of its eye-catching aspect and unbeatable taste: how to use Maraschino cherry to increase customers’ perceived valued. Are you ready…?

Why does Maraschino cherry help to improve your business?

Maraschino cherry keeps the glamourous reputation it had in ancient Venice, the region where they come from. For that (an other reasons), they go on attacting consumers in a powerful way, as they prefer their desserts and cocktails topped with a Maraschino cherry, as many market reasearchs suggest…

  • Garnish a dessert with a Maraschino cherry may have a positive influence in the customers perception of your restaurant and push up the desserts orders. Say goodbye to meals without a dessert in your restaurant…
  • Customers have a higher perception of restaurants where a Maraschino cherry is added to dishes and beverages.
  • The entire consumer’s experience is better when a dessert or beberage is topped with a Maraschino cherry: eight in ten adults do enjoy tasting the candied cherries served with their dessert or drink.
  • Kids and Millennials feel more buying impulse when a cake or soft drink is garnished with a Maraschino cherry. By topping fruitcakes and sundaes with a Maraschino cherry, you make your products instantly instagramable and suitable for being shared among their media network.
  • Maraschino cherry on a plate or a drink focuses on people’s emotions: adults feel better and more nostalgic, and children become excited with it. Is has been measured: when given the opportunity, kids add 3,5 Maraschino cherries in average to their desserts.

How to preserve Maraschino cherry

Maraschino cherry makes cocktails more attractive.The shelf life of Maraschino cherry depends on the kind of packaging. 38-42 degree Brix Maraschino cherry has a lifetime of 36 to 60 months: a minimum of 3 years! And they can be preserved at room temperature.

An indulgence anyone may afford without regret

Maraschino cherry is an indulgence anyone may afford and enjoy without regret. It does not contain fat and they only add 10 to 15 Kcal per unit. Nevertheless, this preserved fruit adds a sense of exclusivity to your culinary creations. Maraschino cherry is the perfect ingredient to match the highest expectations of the demanding consumers on cocktails or soft drinks, baked cakes, chocolates, ice cream sundaes.

Maraschino cherry, the delicatessen that came in from the Adriatic Sea

A long time ago, aristocrats and royals in the Adriatic area (in the Dalmatian coast, modern-day Croatia) loved a delicatessen made of cherries dipped in a local liquor. It is not clear if it takes its name after the liquor used, the Luxardo Maraschino (Maraschino cherries are also named Luxardo cherries), or from the variety of cherries used, the Luxardo marasca, grown in the Venice region where this industry was relocated after World War II. The fact is that they crossed the Atlantic and arrived in America in the late 19th century.

During the decade-long Prohibiton in the United States, when the sale and consumption of alcohol were banned, it became not possible to meet the demand on Maraschino cherries, already a very popular garnish in food and drinks… That was the starting of a new preserving method -a brine solution rather than alcohol-, similar to the one used in pickles.

How is Maraschino cherry elaborated?

With maraschino cherry, desserts orders increase in restaurants.Maraschino cherries are produced with special varieties of cherries (Royal Ann y Rainier), and kept in brine to preserve it and add its characteristic crunchy texture. Afterwards, cherries are risend with water and sweetened with corn glucose to preserve them and add sweetness.

Besides, colorants (red, green or yellow), which may or may not be natural, and a bitter almond-based aroma, which makes them unique, are added to the preparation.  (In the green ones, the aroma of almond can be replaced by peppermint).

Lazaya’s Maraschino cherries

Our Maraschino cherries are alcohol-free and have a characteristic bitter aroma that makes them irreplaceable in the most delicate elaborations. Following the latest nutritional trends, we have varieties with natural dyes and sugar-free, perfect for the healthiest diets. Because we want to meet the specific needs of each client, we offer different options in our Maraschino cherries: different sizes, whole, halves and whole & broken, with or without stems, different Brix…

Lazaya’s Maraschino cherries are packaged in cans, jars, plastic jars or pasteurizable plastic jars, in order to improve the versatility of the product and facilitate its handling in different sectors (cocktailary, pastry, ice-cream, Horeca…). If you dare to use candied fruits in your business, do not hesitate and give us a call: our preserved fruit company remains at your disposal for any additional information.