Have you already found the power of jelly fruits for cake coatings or fruit filling in your pastry business, restaurant or ice-cream shop? There are many applications of jelly fruits to elaborate cakes, and results are really good. We show you how to elaborate delicious sheet cakes with puff pastry, cream and vanilla. An irresistible presentation that will sparkle in the showcase of your bakery or in the catalogue you show your customers

With our camera and notebook, we have drop off in an industrial bakery that buys our jelly fruits for pastries, ready to show you a delicious application of our products. It is not an ardous task, however results are appealling and tasty.

They make sheet cakes composed of three layers of puff pastry with two different fillings between them: custard and cream. Then the sheet cakes are coated with vanilla jelly and sugar syrup. It has a  rectangle shape, fluffy consistence and golden appearance. Designed to be served in portions, it is a valuable resource for the HORECA industry of hotels, restaurants and catering services. It is the perfect item to add to the catalogue you show your clients. Once they have tested the cakes, they will order again…



  • 3 layers of puff pastry (made of flour, salt, lard  and water)
  • Custard cream (milk, margarine, flour, sugar and egg)
  • Cream (pasteurised cow’s milk with 39 percent fat)
  • Vanilla jelly
  • Sugar syrup

Step by step preparation of the recipe:

1. Place a layer of baked puff pastry and then spread the custard cream.
Applications of jelly fruits: making a sheet cake with puff pastry
2. Place a second layer of baked puff pastry and cover with the cream.
Two layers of puff pastry, custard and cream between them.
3. Place the last layer of baked puff pastry.
Jelly fruits are spread on the outer layer of puff pastry.
4. Mix the vanilla jelly and place it in a hopper and then spread it over the puff pastry.
Mix the vanilla jelly and place it in a hopper to make a delicious sheet cake in your pastry shop.
Spreading jelly fruits (vanilla jelly in this case) over the puff pastry.
5. Spread the sugar syrup at the top of the cake to enhance the vanilla taste. The perfect tempting coating for this delicious cake…
Sugar syrup spreading for a plus of taste.
6. Flatten with a spatula and place the sheet cakes in the freezer (whole or in single portions).
Placing sheet cakes with jelly fruits in a freezer.

Lazaya’s jelly fruits main features

✅ Lazaya’s jelly fruits for pastries are perfect for coatings and fillings.

✅ This product is focused on patisserie, but also suitable for restaurants and Horeca.

✅ We have different aromas for jelly fruits: vanilla, lemon, strawberry and pineapple. The first three are those in greater demand. Lazaya can make jelly fruits with your clients’ favourite aromas: mango, papaya…

✅ The consistence of our jelly fruits is perfect for cold applications.

✅ Lazaya’s jelly fruits stand room temperature storage for 12 to 60 months depending on the presence of food preservatives or not.

✅ All Lazaya’s products, including jelly fruits, are gluten-free.

✅ The applications of this type of jelly fruits differs from the ones’ used to brighten cakes, croissants, etc. (fiist heated and then applied with a brush), pure jelly…

✅ We have two different presentations for jelly fruits: can or buckets.

Would you like to see another application of preserved fruit?
Uses of apples in syrup for pastries in your business.

Lazaya’s mission

We are an Aragonian company devoted to the production of preserved fruit for three generations. We are proud of our corporate mission and values as a family businness, as well as commited to the quality of our preserved fruit. We have the most important international food safety certifications.

Woulf you like any further information about our products for the elaboration of your pastries…? Please, contact our preserved fruit company. We are experts and only deal with professionals and wholesalers, exporting our production worldwide. We can meet your needs with taylor-made preserved fruit to adapt our products to your special requirements.