Using apples in syrup in the preparation of cakes is a guarantee of success for pastries or restaurants. Our apple in syrup, a fruit of the best quality harvested in the Spanish region of Calatayud (where Lazaya has its factory and plantations of fruit trees), allows many possibilities for patisseries. But today we are going to focus on just one of its applications, perhaps the best known: the making of puff pastries and apple pies.

First, you, as bakery or restaurant chef, must select the preserved fruit with the cut you want, since there is a great variety of presentations for apples in light syrup: halves, disks, segments and cubes. The presentation is important, since the apple pie is, like so many other traditional cakes, a product “that goes through the eyes”: the view of the fruit in similar but not identical portions, the golden  apples after baking and the colour contrast of candied cherries are an important claim for your customers. Preserve fruit is, doubtless, a close ally for pastry chefs, because of the many possibilities it offers.

Curiosities you did not know about apple pie

There are apples in syrup for pastries with different cuts to suit your needs. But before going straight to the recipe, we will know some curiosities about the origin of the apple pie, which will get your attention …
The apple pie, as we know it today, dates from the 17th century, where it appears in a cookbook in France and in an oil painting by a Dutch painter. As you can see, it was already well extended as appetizing all over Europe… In the United States it became especially famous, giving rise to the mythical American Apple Pie. Proof of its importance in American culture is the popular saying ‘As American as apple pie’, which is more than a century old.
Until the beginning of the twentieth century, apple pie was the top breakfast for farm workers and farmers in the United States. Apple pie has become so famous that it has at least two international days to commemorate it: the 3rd of March, International Apple Cake Day, and the 13rd May, its equivalent in the United States. Try typing the hashtag #NationalApplePieDay on social networks that day, and… what a surprise…!

Secrets of apples in syrup for pastries

Artisan made apple pie with our delicious apples in syrup.Lazaya’s apples in syrup for pastries can be placed directly on the dough base. Our fruit in syrup for pastries or restaurants (cherry, apple, orange, blackberry, kiwi…) is a delicious ingredient for preparations at all kinds of patisserie and bakery activities. But if we had to choose one of our fruits in syrup in particular, for versatility and ease of use, no doubt that it would be apples in syrup.

Pastisserie may find in apples in syrup an essential ingredient to prepare the classical pastry and apple cake, both as a decoration and fruit filling for some of its elaborations.

These are the main features of our product:

✅ We use the Granny Smith apple variety that many local cooperatives cultivate in our region. It resists oxidation better, its flesh is whiter and because of its degree of acidity, a lighter sweet product can be obtained.

✅It remains in perfect conditions at room temperature up to 36 months.

✅We can make our apples in syrup with or without preservatives, at the request of our clients.

✅Apples in syrup can be made in syrup with sweeteners or just in water, without sugar added, so you can meet the different needs of your clients.

✅Our apples in syrup for pastries do not carry dyes of any kind.

✅Our fruit in syrup is always suitable for celiacs.

✅The product is packaed in tins from 2650 ml to 4259 ml.


Making an apple pie with Lazaya's delicious apples in syrup cut in segments.Step by step in the preparation of cakes with Lazaya’s apples in syrup in segments.


  • Base: high pastry margarine, flour, salt and water.
  • Pastry cream: milk, egg yolk, water, wheat starch and cinnamon or lemon.
  • Topping: apples in light syrup from Lazaya (in segments) and candied cherries.


  1. Prepare the dough by mixing the ingredients, and is rolled until the proper consistency is achieved.
  2. Make the custard to cover the puff pastry.
  3. Decorate with apple segments and candied cherries.
  4. Bake at 180º for approximately 35/40 minutes.

Delicious golden brown apple pie with Lazaya's candied cherries and apples in syrup.If you have been interested in this article, you may want to see another application of Lazaya products: chocolate bathed candied fruits in the style of ‘Fruits of Aragon’.
We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of preserved fruit since our great-grandparents’ time. The love for what we do keeps our factory, currently carried out among the three Lazaro brothers. If you want a particular product for your pastry, your catering or restaurant, do not hesitate and get in touch with us. Our feature is selling to professionals: we export to the five continents and we make customized products, adapting the production in our facilities to meet our clients’ needs.