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Quality apple in syrup for the finest dishes

Quality apple in syrup is perfect for different elaborations in your business if you want to offer quality worthwhile products. The reason is because they are very simple to use and they offer a delicious texture and flavour. That’s why today we want to tell you everything about Lazaya’s apple in syrup to keep you informed that when using them, you are using a high quality ingredient in your elaborations.
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How to use Lazaya’s apples in syrup to make delicious preparations in pastries or restaurants

Using apples in syrup in the preparation of cakes is a guarantee of success for pastries or restaurants. Our apple in syrup, a fruit of the best quality harvested in the Spanish region of Calatayud (where Lazaya has its factory and plantations of fruit trees), allows many possibilities for patisseries. But today we are going to focus on just one of its applications, perhaps the best known: the making of puff pastries and apple pies.
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