Quality apple in syrup is perfect for different elaborations in your business if you want to offer quality worthwhile products. The reason is because they are very simple to use and they offer a delicious texture and flavour. That’s why today we want to tell you everything about Lazaya’s apple in syrup to keep you informed that when using them, you are using a high quality ingredient in your elaborations.

For the preparation of this product we use Granny Smith apples because of its acidity and because it rusts less than other varieties, and also because it stays whiter during all the processing.

We have an optimum productive inspection on them, because we buy the apple from local producers in the Calatayud area (Aragón), in their perfect ripening point, then we process the apple (different cuts as slices, halves and cubes, preserving liquid, syrup immersion…) and finally we pack it (plastic, glass, can…) and send it to our clients all over the world.

With this quality apple in syrup you have an undeniable quality and traceability, since the productive inspection is absolute, not only from the local producers that we trust, but also in our factory in Calatayud (all the process is made in Zaragoza, a few miles one from another)

Why apple is perfect for being preserved in syrup

If there is one only fruit that offers good results when being preserved in syrup, that is apple, because of some of its intrinsic qualities: the pectin percent that the apple has in its natural formulation, its acid PH (superior in Granny Smith variety), its firm texture and corky cells, all of them allow the sweetener to penetrate easily.

This is the journey of the fruit since it enters until it is shipped from the factory.

Granny Smith is the variety we use for making our delicious apple in syrup.


The apples enter the factory and they pass the quality inspection, verifying degrees Brix, pH, texture, size, colour, etc. The hardness is also verified.


The fruit is weighted in order to be able to monitor its cost efficiency.

Selection and classification

Damaged fruit is eliminated. The rest of the apples are classified by its ripeness, form, size, etc. to guarantee the highest homogeneity of the final product.

Wash and disinfection

Fruit wash is made with potable water by immersion, it allows to clear the strange particles.

Apple in syrup is carefully processed in our facilities.

Peel and rinse

The apples are mechanically peeled (pitted, and the stalk and the flower removed as well).


The dicers and slicers allow us to give the apple the desired form: halves, cubes, slices…


The apple is boiled in hot water to soften the fruit, eliminating the oxygen in the tissue.


Conditioned fruit is poured in syrup packages, that are added at a warm temperature over 85 degrees. The quantity of fruit in the package is 70% and the quantity of syrup is 30%.

We serve apple in syrup in halves, disks, segments & cubes.


Opened full packages go through a vapor “tunnel”, that occupies the whole package and creates a vacuum. The vacuum must be between 0.1 and 0.2 bar.

Sealing of the packages

After the last step, the packages are immediately closed.

Thermic treatment

It is carried out in pasteurizer applying temperatures of 94 to 96ºC in 25 minutes. Next step is the cooling and later the packages are cleaned and dried. Then they are ready for labelling.

Uses for Lazaya’s quality apples in syrup

Granny Smith is the perfect variety to make apple in syrup.The clients of Lazaya in the area of industrial patisserie use our apples in syrup for the elaboration of delicious sweets (look how one of our clients uses apples in syrup for pastries; Horeca (hotels, restaurants and catering) use them to make different desserts, combined drinks and garnish (apple combine perfectly with meats like pork or duck). We have even known that some of our clients use our delicious fruits in syrup, especially our quality apple in syrup, in the cocktail area, mixing it with champagne or cellar and also to sweeten sangria.

The value of a genuine product

Our bet has been and is to keep working with the same affection as our parents and grandparents used to do the same work, but without the resignation of today’s technological innovations, especially referring to food quality and security.

That is why we arrange exhaustive quality tests that makes us every year worthy for the most prestigious and strict certificates to export to national and international markets.

This way we want our preserved fruit to be kept in the productions of our appreciated clients (with our quality apple in syrup and the rest of our preserved fruit) and make Aragón flavours well-known beyond our borders.