Candied orange with dark chocolate is one of the most delicious combinations of traditional confectionery. The pairing that the orange acidity makes with the dark chocolate bitterness (over 35% of cocoa pastry in the European Union, but it can reach an 80%) will delight lots of people all over the world.
Orange slices with dark chocolate recently made.Candied orange is a gourmet product that brings high added value, really estimated in significant dates as Christmas, but also in any special occasion, or even an item to have at home when we want to indulge ourselves with a little gastronomic pleasure. The truth is that winter (when oranges are in their perfect point of ripe and sweetness in our country) is the time of the year when one feel more like having sweets made with candied orange and dark chocolate.

Candied orange slices dipped in chocolate

Candied orange peel covered in chocolate in a silver plated dish on the table. One of the traditional elaborations that mixes these two ingredients are the candied orange slices dipped in chocolate. They are present in the catalogue of the best chocolate brands, in the traditional candy and chocolate stores, and also between the Christmas sweets that can be found in the supermarket, with different targets but a loyal demand, enjoying traditional products. The chocolate coating usually covers half of the slice, as if it was a chocolate dip right out of the fondue…

Another wise elaboration pairing orange and chocolate is candied orange peel covered in chocolate that some of our clients in Layaza create with our candied fruit peel. Totally coated in chocolate or allowing the orange to show in a beautiful contrast of colours.

Have you ever thought of bringing in some of these products to your catalogue or between the specialities of your artisan bakery? Artisan confectionery with candied orange slices dipped in dark chocolate.It may appear that the process of coating the orange in chocolate is complicated, but nothing further from the truth. The true value of this delicatessen is in the selection and treatment of both ingredients separately: the chocolate and the fruit.

Tradition and innovation fits in well

In Lazaya we know a lot about candied fruit, as three generations of the same family, the Lázaro family, have been producing preserved fruit for 70 years. The industrial production process is similar to the one made years ago in the houses, although machinery has been introduced to achieve it in the last few years. Basically, the procedure is dipping the orange in a concentrated solution of glucose syrup that brings the water out of the fruit (dehydration), as the sugar penetrate the cells of the fruit because of the osmotic pressure difference (permeation).

In Lazaya, we make preservation with the highest respect for the fruit, giving maximum importance to quality and food safety. That aspect is extremely valued by our clients all over the world, because our preserved fruit has been entitled with the most prestigious certificates of quality and international food safety. Besides, we can adjust our production to the special requests of our clients, preparing it without sugar (all our production is already gluten-free), with or without preservatives, different Degrees Brix, etc.

Without doubt, chocolate is the perfect partner to bring out the scent and the extraordinary taste of candied orange and candied fruit peel of Lazaya. We can help you with candied fruits, selecting the ones that best meet your demands, and preparing it with your desired cut for the specific elaboration you want to do. Do you have any doubts? We will be pleased to solve it: contact us.