Original and artisan recipes with candied fruits attracts new young public segments.Candied fruits elaborations can be the perfect option to win Millennial generation over, always eager to have new gastronomic experiences to share in their social media. Ice creams, desserts and snacks, in general, are currently seducing them through sight, and especially, through their smartphone screens. Attractive, garish, colourful, appealing… For all this, if you adapt part of the elaborations in your menu, confectionery catalogue or dessert menu to the taste of the new generation that shares everything, you will have a very powerful business case.
Original and artisan recipes with candied fruits attracts new young public segments.

What products do new generations want?

Last food tendencies give much significance to indulgent food. Although the evolution of snacking tends to healthy food (a tendency that needs to be understood cleverly from the confectionery sector, like using just the necessary products for an elaboration or its preservation), the truth is that products that allows us to reward us – indulgent food – are currently trendy. There are many confectionery workshops, gastronomic contests, and even chefs and candidate’s reality shows that show how to make professional desserts by involving customers in the process, letting them to actively participate choosing their favourite sweets.

3 preferences between the Millennials personal choices

Product launches, consumption quests and market researches studies are showing the following tendencies about indulgent food:

  • The customers prefer to choose smaller portions when it’s indulgent food, but they don’t want to give it up. It’s a tendency that the ice cream industry has understood perfectly and that already is putting into practice in its new launches.
  • Customers seek for products that look healthy, for example, those with fruits.
  • Younger customers have special preference for those sweets and products that can be photographed and shared on Instagram and another social media

Besides, there is some other tendencies to be considered in the food area…

Another key tendencies, according to market researches

Life colours and crunchy experience are two attractions that you can offer in your desserts with candied fruits.Other tendencies that set the course in food, according to the last Mintel market researches, are:

  1. Customers would rather choose products that they perceive as artisan or homemade.
  2. Even in free-from food (sugar-free, free from fats, gluten-free, free from preservatives…), customers want full flavours. Meaning that in their healthy choices, they want to enjoy to the max. With our candied fruits, you guarantee extra flavour.
  3. The original, traditional and popular concepts have found their place in the gastronomic choices of customers. Internet browsers register a much higher level of “original recipes of”, “traditional cookies of” … Without doubt, industrial patisseries know about this because they opted to create “Grandma’s cake” “Traditional carrot cake” or “Red velvet cake traditional recipe” … It’s a fact that candied fruits have a lot to contribute in this aspect.
  4. Terms as “thin” or “slim” referring to chocolates, cookies and other sweets or snacks are up to date. According to food market gurus, customers are attracted for really thin portions that they can eat any moment and feeling less guilty about skipping the diet.
  5. Another tendency that has to do with transparency affects not only to the food labels, but also to the packaging. Transparent packages or those with “windows” that allows to see the content are preferred by customers.
  6. Texture, and not just flavour and colour, is being perceived by the customer as something significant. The “crunchy experience” is gaining ground, and it seems that is important for the snacks to have that appetizing texture, very characteristic of candied fruits, by the way…

Conclusions and how to apply candied fruits on the learned

As you may see, indulgent food abides by the concept of being able to get a bite without feeling guilty for it. And that choice is not at odds with the tendency to healthy food, but they just harmoniously coexist. It’s more about making an honest bet for products that innovate, but follow traditions, and above all, that just uses those quality ingredients strictly necessary to offer maximum flavour. Because all of this, we recommend you to make a bet for your industrial patisserie, ice cream business, or any other sector, for candied fruits. Its colours and attractiveness are doubtless and they can help you to make the perfect choices to fulfill the new customers’ high demands…