Demanded fruits by countriesMany people wonder what are the most demanded fruits by different countries, but it must be taken into account that the demand for fruits varies significantly throughout the world due to cultural, climatic, economic and nutritional factors.

We are going to see in this post the demand for fruit by geographical area, highlighting regional preferences and trends, as well as consumption. We will also talk about candied fruits and why its use is so important for professionals.

Most demanded fruits by geographical area

  • Asia

    In Asia, fruits like mango, banana, lychee, and guava are highly popular. Mango, in particular, is an iconic fruit in countries like India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. And bananas are an important economic and nutritional source throughout the region.

  • Europe

    In Europe, apples and pears are highly demanded, along with berries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. All these fruits are widely accepted due to their healthy properties and their versatility in the kitchen.

  • North America

    In North America, apples, bananas, and oranges are the most popular fruits. The orange, in particular, is consumed in large quantities, both in fresh fruit and in the form of juices, since they are an important source of vitamin C and a very healthy fruit.

  • Latin America

    The Latin American region shows great diversity in its fruit preferences. Tropical fruits like bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and papayas are very popular. In addition, native fruits such as soursop and passion fruit are also in high demand.

  • Africa

    In Africa, bananas, mangoes, citrus fruits, and papayas are widely consumed. Fruits are an essential part of the African diet and preferences vary across different sub-regions.

  • Middle East

    Grapes, dates, and pomegranates are fruits that are in high demand in the Middle East region. These fruits are often used in traditional dishes and are valued for their sweetness and versatility.

Most demanded fruits per country

Let’s see what types of fruits are consumed more in certain countries:

    • Bananas and plantains

      Bananas and plantains are popular around the world due to their year-round availability, sweet taste, and versatility in the kitchen. They are especially in demand in Europe (Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Italy) and in America, especially in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

    • Apples

      Apples are widely consumed in countries such as the United States, Canada, China, and several European countries (Poland, Germany, France, and Italy). There are many varieties of apples with different flavors and uses, which makes them versatile to use in different dishes and desserts.

    • Oranges

      Oranges are in great demand in America (United States, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia), Europe (Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom) and Asia (China, India, Japan, South Korea and Thailand). They are known for their high vitamin C content and refreshing taste.

    • Grape

      Grapes are in demand both for their direct consumption and for their use in wine production. Countries like Italy, France, Spain and the United States are known to be large producers and consumers of grapes, both for eating and for wine production.

    • Mangoes

      Mangoes are a tropical fruit that is in great demand in countries from the Asian region (India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines), Africa (Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa) and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru and the United States).

    • Strawberries

      Strawberries are appreciated for their sweet taste and their use in confectionery, sauces, jams and salads. They are very popular in countries like the United States, Canada and several European countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden).

    • Cherries

      Cherries are highly prized for their sweet flavor and are consumed fresh or in processed products such as candied fruit, jams or sauces. They are in high demand in European countries (Turkey, Germany, Poland, Spain), America (USA, Canada, Chile) and Asia (China, South Korea, Japan).

What factors influence the demand for fruit?

These are the main factors that influence an increase in the demand for fruit in certain countries:

      • Culture and traditions: fruit preferences are strongly influenced by the culture and traditions of each region. For example, some fruits may have a special meaning in local celebrations or rituals.
      • Availability and weather : the availability of certain fruits depends to a great extent on the climate of the region. Tropical fruits thrive in warm climates, while temperate climate fruits are more common in areas with different seasons.
      • Nutrition and health: the perception of nutrition and health benefits also influences the demand for fruit. Fruits rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber are the most in demand.
      • Economy and access: the local economy and access to different fruits also play a crucial role in demand. The most affordable and available fruits tend to be the most consumed.

Candied fruit consumption

Candied fruit allows the consumption of a wide variety of fruits out of season, which is why they are widely used by chefs and pastry chefs to prepare a multitude of dishes and desserts throughout the year. In this way, they can surprise their customers with innovative preparations without limitations due to seasonal fruits.

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