Sugar free products

Pastries with sugar free preserved fruit and candied fruits are a sweet pleasure available for all.Sugar free preserved fruit is a growing trend that allows to combine a healthy nutrition and the intake of sweet. Achieving the same taste with less calories in candied fruits, fruit jam and fruits in syrup has been a real challenge, as they are high sugar products, e.g. 65% content in candied fruits.

Moreover, the role of sugar in preserved fruit is not just sweetening… Sugar is the most efficient preservative, and a high scale of degrees Brix points to longer shelf life and optimum preservation even in the most adverse circumstances.

Pastries with sugar free preserved fruit and candied fruits are a sweet pleasure available for all.

A good taste, but also food security must be properly balanced before substituting sugar for artificial sweeteners in preserved fruit products.

What sweeteners are used in sugar free preserved fruit

We keep an ongoing line of research to produce the best sugar free preserved fruit in Lazaya, so that it can maintain a great flavour and be preserved in the best conditions.

As a matter of fact, we produce sugar free candied fruits since 2012, with the addition of matitol. It is the ideal calorie-free sweetener that allows us to achieve the same degrees Brix of traditional candied fruits. After a number of test procedures completed in our factory, maltitol proved to be the sweetener that best suited all needs, namely sugar free candied fruit for diabetics, for healthy people and for those who want to be fit and not to sum up free calories to their diet.

More recently we have started operations to produce sugar free jelly fruits, that are sweetened with matitol, and are perfect to add colour and brightness to pastries, fruit filling for cakes and for all kind of sugar free sweet elaborations in industrial bakeries.

We also process sugar free fruits in syrup, that keep the traditional taste and sweetness thanks to the mixture of saccharin and cyclamate. No doubt it is the perfect mixture of artificial sweeteners, as they do not mask the delicious taste of fruits in syrup, and make them suitable for diets, diabetics and all those people searching for a healthier nutrition that also include sweets.

Our commitment to adapting to our customers needs

Sugar free preserved fruit is becoming increasingly important in our whole production expressed as a percentage.  Anyway,  we sell sugar free preserved fruit as well  as traditional preserved fruit to all the world as the exporters we are…

In Lazaya we are proud of our flexibility and adaptability to new trends, as well as our ability to innovate in the preserved fruit sector to accomodate our clients requests: preservative free, sugar free or natural colorants