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Lazaya’s candied fruits: a sweet tour from tree to table

Candied fruits are star products for Christmas but also for Ramadan, the month of fasting and feasting together for Muslims all over the world. But little else is known of this natural colorful candy that decorates the desserts of the most endearing holdays of the year or add the topping on the birthday cake of thousands of people everywhere in the planet.
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New website fot the best preserved fruit

The best preserved fruit in the world

Best preserved fruit websiteWe are pleased to present you the best preserved fruit website in the world, in line with the exceptional quality of our fruit products.

Here you can find the widest range of preserved fruits arranged in types of product (candied fruit, fruits in syrup, fruit in alcohol, fruit jam and jelly fruits, fruit in SO2…), with all their features and technical data (availability, size, packaging options…).
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