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Lazaya’s history is strongly linked to preserved fruit and candied fruits, as this family business started operations in Calatayud (Aragon) in 1940. Nowadays we have advanced facilities, but we keep our love for the land and go on growing cherries in our Aragonian lands in the Calatayud area.

We are the proud inheritors of some human interest stories about the former life in this Aragonian region. For this reason, we will share some photographs and memories of how things with preserved fruit were formerly made (though the essential philosophy still remains, we must say…). Additionally, we will look into preserved fruit origins and some curiosities about food preservation in human History.

Some of our customers information requests will find the answers here. But we also would like to convey our strong business values and love for these fertile lands to the visitors of this preserved fruit blog. Welcome to Lazaya’s history!


Candied fruits in Christmas desserts: a worldwide tradition

Roscon de Reyes is a typical Christmas dessert of Spain
The presence of candied fruits in Christmas cakes and desserts is common to the traditional gastronomy of many countries. Spanish “Roscón de Reyes”, Portuguese “Bolo Rei”, Italian “Panettone”, British Christmas Cake and German “Stollen” are all delicious Christmas sweets that incorporate candied fruits. They are irreplaceable in Christmas and each country of Christian tradition has its won one…!

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Our family business of quality candied fruits: a trip to the past

Conservas Lazaya's old factory in Calatayud, Spain. Fruit in SO2 and quality candied fruits were processed here in the past.

Quality candied fruits are a reference in the gastronomy of Aragon, and one of the hallmarks of Lazaya, our family business. The growing of fruit trees is deeply rooted in these lands, and several generations of our family made a living from it. Exceptional weather conditions have contributed to make this region’s fruit a referent all over the world. Continue reading…

Origin of candied fruits

Origin of candied fruits and fruit jam along the centuries

The origin of candied fruits is uncertain: ancient merchants made the best of their stock preserving citrus fruit this way.The origin of candied fruits and fruit jam is very old, and as curious as the history of preserved food, dating back to the Paleolithic. Finding new ways to preserve food in order to avoid it being spoiled was a huge evolutionary step ahead for Mankind, as it allowed prehistoric men to survive in periods of scarcity and also to devote time to other activities apart from the mere search of fresh food.
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