Lazaya’s candied fruit cubes can help you to enhance the outstanding taste of some of the delicious creations of your bakery, and that is what we want to show you here: the easy application of this product in the preparation of plum-cakes and other kinds of sponged cakes, as many of our customers already do.
Candied fruit cubes and raisins in industrial bakery plum-cakes.

Candied fruit cubes for bakeries have a lot of applications, both in industrial bakeries and artisan businesses. Bakers highly appreciate their intense colours (red, green and orange), their taste and their overwhelming crunchy texture.

In particular, these delicious preparations we show you are intended for sale to general public in supermarkets and bakeries and/or for catering services in nursing homes, schools, hospitals…). This industrial bakery orders our cubes of assorted candied fruit, packaged in cardboard boxes with plastic bag.

Plum-cake with candied fruit cubes and raisins

Plum-cake ingredients:

These are the main ingredients used, in varying proportions, to make plum-cakes:

  • Candied fruit cubes (red, green and orange peel): 14%.
  • Raisins: 11%.
  • Flour.
  • Eggs.
  • Water.
  • Sugar and a pinch of salt.
  • Sunflower oil (butter or any fat you wish).
  • Raising agent.

How to cook plum-cake with candied fruit cubes:

Let us see how they make this plum-cake in this industrial bakery:

1.) Put all the ingredients together in a pot in the adequate proportions. 

Plum-cake preparation in an industrial bakery: mixing of the candied fruit cubnes with the raisings.

2.) Mix slowly to get a  firm dough. 

Preparación de plum cake: se baten los ingredientes para hacer una masa consistente.

3.) Pour the dough into greased cake moulds. They must have an elongated shape to facilitate the cutting.

Plum-cake elaboration: dough is poured into greased tin moulds.

4.) Put the tins in the oven and keep them inside for 45 minutes at a temperature of 180º/190º C.

Plum-cake production: Lazaya's candied fruit cubes can resist baking without loosing their features.

5.) Unmold the plum-cake and put it in the cooling tunnel.

Candied fruit cubes and raisins plum-cake unmolding in an industrial bakery.

6.) Cut the plum-cake for the individual packaging of the portions. 

Plum-cake preparation in an industrial bakery: cutting and packaging of the sponged cake with candied fruit cubes and raisins.

With these ingredients and a careful preparation, you can get a product as tasty as the one you see in the pictures, which can be made by hand, but also industrially, without losing the traditional flavour.

The secret for a memorable plum-cake

Although if you dedicate yourself to the pastry business this is already very clear for you, it is worth remembering some of the tricks that make a plum-cake something memorable:

  • The dough is usually made with identical proportions of sugar, flour, fat (oil or butter) and eggs (weighted without shell). This is the dough of the so-called pound cake.
  • To be sure that the candied fruit cubes and the raisins do not fall down to the bottos, there are two cooking secrets:
    1/ Make a consistent dough;
    2/ Mix the fat and the candied fruit and dried fruits first.
  • The oven temperature for cakes must be always 180ºC.
  • Never open the oven until 45 minutes have passed, otherwise it will fall down.

Advantages of candied fruit cubes:

Packaging candied fruit cubes in carboxes with bags.✅They can be kept at room temperature. It is much better to keep them in a place far from light and heat, and also fresh food with a marked taste or smell.

✅ Candied fruit cubes put a touch of colour and texture (juicy and crunchy) in sweet fillings (asorted three colours).

✅ Regular size and brightness of cubes.

✅ Optimum lifespan of the organoleptic qualities.

✅ Lazaya’s candied fruit cubes has the ideal consistency to make them convenient for baking. They keep intact their features of taste, colour and crunchy texture.

As we have seen, they are unique for making the traditional plum-cake.

✅They are also convenient for cold preparations, for example, the famous tutti-frutti ice-cream.

✅ Our candied fruit cubes can be processed with natural colours, artificial colour or even without any colours.

✅ Different packaging options can be chosen to meet our clients requirements: plastic container, card box with a bag, tin or glass.

Needing any advice regarding their convenience for your products…? 

Our clients all over the world agree that our candied fruit is first quality. It is certified preserved fruit guarantying strict food safety and quality controls. Our candied fruit is Halal and Kosher certificated, and always suitable for celiacs.

If you think Lazaya’s candied fruit cubes can be the perfect ingredient for any of your preparations, do not hesitate to ask us for advice. We can advise you on this issues as our family has been in the preserved fruit business for three generations. Contact our preserved fruit company, Lazaya.