Halal preserved fruit has a huge potential in a global basis. In general, the market for Halal products is expanding, as Muslim consumers around the world seek food that respects the strict Islamic regulations on the subject. As a result, its economic impact is very important, particularly in some fields. If you have a hotel, food business, catering or sell dietetic products, you might be interested in the issue…
Halal preserved fruit may help you to have a wider range of desserts in your restaurant, catering or hotel.

What are Halal foods?

Halal foods are those considered permissible under the Islamic Law. ‘Halal’ is an arabic word meaning ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’ and it applies to all facets of life, not only to food or drinks… The source to determine which foods are halal is the Islamic jurisprudence drawn on passages in the Quran, the Muslim holly book, the sayings and customs of the Prophet Muhammad (accounted in the Hadith)  and certain rulings by recognized religious scholars. Generally speaking, these are the main features of Halal foods:

  • It must be free of forbidden (Haram) ingredients.
  • It has been made using the proper tools or machines. The food has not been exposed to any forbidden substance or tool while being processed, stored or shipped.
  • Halal food can only include Halal colours, flavours and additives (this is a key aspect for preserved food companies looking forward to becoming Halal).
  • Nor pork neither pork products are allowed to muslims. And the rest of permitted animals must be slaughtered without unnecessary suffering and complying with specific regulations.
  • Fishes are Halal.
  • Cattle feed must have vegetal origin.

10 main Haram foods (forbidden)

‘Haram’ is the opposite of ‘Halal’, meaning ‘unlawful’ or ‘prohibited’. It can be used in relation to anything, but it usually applies to food, personal care products, drugs… Here is a list of the main Haram food ingredients:

  1. Jelly (including the Kosher one).
  2. L-cysteine (an amino acid present in high protein foods).
  3. Spirits, rum flavours, wine (included the wine vinegar…).
  4. Any product made of wine grape: powder, grape seed oil, grape seed extract…
  5. Ethyl alcohol or ethanol.
  6. Cochineal carmine extract (red food colorants coming from insects).
  7. Fermented soybean sauce (it needs alcohol to be processed).
  8. Brewer yeast extract.
  9. Natural vanilla or natural vanilla flavour (because alcohol is used in its extract).
  10. Confectioner’s glaze (it is made with a resin excreted by insects in tree barks).

Advantages of using Lazaya’s Halal preserved fruit

A muslim family having dinner together in Ramadan: Halal preserved fruit as a dessert will be present on the table.These are the main advantages coming from using or distributing Lazaya’s Halal preserved fruit:

  • Easier access to exports to muslim countries.
  • Access to a market of millions of new consumers.
  • Being certified contributes to a best product image.
  • Prominence in the Halal lists of food of the main certifying organizations and recent Apps for scanning Halal food and pharmaceuticals…

Halal-certified preserved fruit

Halal-certified preserved fruit coming from Lazaya facilities meets all the requirements of Halal Institute, one of the most recognized certifying organizations all over the world, that carry out audits in our plant on a regular basis. Our Halal preserved fruit is dyed with colour pigments obtained from vegetables and no alcohol or confectioner’s glaze is used in its processing.

The importance of being traceable for Halal preserved fruit…

Globalization has brought a huge shift in the food industry; tracking products has become more and more difficult as long as demand on processed food has grown exponentially. Halal certification allows to verify the traceability of every single food and assure its compliance with the strict rules of the Islamic Law. It also guarantees a plus of quality and safety in food from growing in our ownd plantations.

You can make delicious Halal pastries, Halal ice-creams and offer tasty Halal menus with our Halal preserved fruit in your shop, restaurant, catering or hotel. Would you like to know more about our Halal preserved fruit and its strict quality control? Contact us: we are experts in Halal preserved fruit and candied fruits.