Cherries in syrup for dessertsOne of the ingredients most used by pastry chefs around the world is undoubtedly cherries in syrup . They are frecuently used in many desserts due to their good combination with other fruits and with the most common ingredients in this type of elaboration such as cream, vanilla or chocolate.

Cherries in syrup for desserts

But, although cherries in syrup in desserts are the most widely used. They are also used in savory dishes, sauces, jams, cocktails, chocolates and endless creations, since it is a very attractive fruit for its intense red color and , frankly, it exudes elegance and glamor whenever it appears.

What are the fruits that best combine with cherries in syrup?

The cherry, due to its characteristics, combines very well with citrus fruits (orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, etc.), with banana, coconut and other stone fruits such as peach, apricot, plum or nectarine. In addition, it also pairs perfectly with chocolate, vanilla, black pepper and liqueurs such as Port, Brandy or Amaretto.

Therefore, when it comes to preparing juicy desserts with cherries in syrup, we know that a cherry cake with chocolate and banana chips will always be a success, or an innovative cake where the master pastry chef combines vanilla with any of the fruits, they will undoubtedly surprise diners very pleasantly.

Cherries in syrup in desserts with other fruits

Cherries in syrup are most used in desserts, for example in cobblers, pies, biscuits, ice cream or chocolates, but also in sauces, jams, smoothies and cocktails.
Fruit smoothies are a very clear example of how to combine cherries in syrup at any time of the year with other seasonal fruits and achieve an unmistakable flavor. They are widely used in breakfasts, appetizers, brunch or snacks, they are light and very healthy, ideal for taking between meals. There is also a lot of variety, so it is a type of elaboration that lends itself to the creativity of the master. Let’s see some ideas:

Cherry Milk Milshake

We use pitted cherries in syrup and add whole milk or liquid cream into the blender. To serve it we can use chocolate shavings, colored sprinkles or whipped cream, among other options.

Banana cherry smoothie

This shake is great for breakfast and fill us with energy. The banana gives it thickness and an unmistakable texture and the cherries just the right acidity point. If it is too thick, you can use liquid cream or milk. The result is really delicious.

Cherry smoothie with yogurt

This creamy smoothie combines cherries and Greek yogurt, honey can also be added to sweeten it and, when presenting it, we can place a fresh mint leaf on top. They will suck their fingers.

Other very interesting shakes where you can use cherries in syrup combined with other fruits can be:

  • Cherry smoothie with watermelon
  • Strawberry cherry smoothie
  • Cherry smoothie with berries
  • Cherry smoothie with pineapple

As we have seen, yogurt is another ingredient with which candied cherries  work very well, and in many HORECA establishments it is served together with a bowl with blueberries, blackberries or raspberries for the customer to mix as desired.

In the preparation of fruit cakes , the presence of cherries in syrup is almost essential, as it is also in clafoutis, tartlets with cream cheese or cakes.

Another ingredient with which cherries combine very well are some nuts, such as walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts. This mixture is delicious on brownies, biscuits, muffins, and cookies.

The crumble is another of the desserts where the cherries in syrup pairs very well with other fruits, such as the apple or the pear, in addition you can also add a zest of citrus that brings a fresh and innovative touch to the whole. A splash of port wine, brandy or bitter almond liqueur will also score you points, along with a few oatmeal flakes, coconut or chocolate shavings, and candied ginger chips.

On the other hand, cheese is another of the ingredients that goes perfect with cherries, especially Gouda, Mascarpone, Brie or goat cheese. They are widely used in glasses, cheesecakes or tartlets.

Other ways to use cherries in syrup can be in a chutney with dried figs, a panchineta, dumplings, tartare of cherries with peaches or a glass of cherry compote with mascarpone cream. The alternatives are almost endless, due to the great versatility of the cherry with other fruits and ingredients.

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