New baked goods2020 is becoming quite an atypical year due to Covid-19, with all sectors making sweeping changes to adapt to new circumstances, including bakeries. First there was a complete lockdown across the whole of the population and then there was a call to embrace a “new normal”.
New bakery product trends for 2020

Master bakers have understood the new situation and have moved their efforts towards meeting the changing demands and wishes of their clients, some of which are purely practical requirements such as offering take away products in order to avoid long queues in the shop, with other requirements focusing on how the desserts are made so as to introduce new bakery trends, trends which are slowly making their mark among those who have a sweet tooth.

These trends gravitate towards the creation of personalized desserts in which they experiment with unique touches that allow for memorable experiences. In order to do so the master bakers try out new flavours, textures and presentations that are increasingly eye-catching as visual impact is almost as important as the taste factor. Here are a few of the upcoming trends to take note of in 2020.

Trends for 2020 in baked goods

  • Reinventing the classics: well-known desserts such as apple flan, tiramisu, sachertorte or carrot cake can always be made in surprisingly new ways without losing their core essence. Clients always enjoy trying their favourite desserts in a new way, for example, apple flan decorated with heart-shaped marshmallows.
  • Introducing new ingredients: this practice is becoming broadly embraced. Some of the most experienced pastry chefs and master bakers are adding purple sweet potato, black truffle, Himalayan salt, bacon or maple syrup. Mixing salty, acidic or sometimes even bitter flavours help make the end result all the more surprising, as does the use of spirits in some desserts served to adults.
  • Healthy baking: clients are increasingly seeking desserts and sweets that are as nutritious and healthy as possible, such as vegan ice creams or baked goods with reduced sugar content. The addition of grains such as bulgur wheat or quinoa, as well as the elimination of gluten and other allergenics, is also becoming widespread.
  • Inspired by current affairs: master bakers and pastry chefs are taking inspiration from current social issues such as community well-being or the environment. Examples of this include products made with purely vegetable ingredients, for example.
  • Cake-pops: these are made by mixing cake crumbs with icing, caramel or chocolate and rolled into a sphere before being placed on a stick and coated in melted chocolate and sprinkles. They are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Bakeries aim to create the most original and delicious combinations for their cake-pops.
  • Encouraging consumers to eat desserts at any time of day or night: another trend is helping banish the idea that dessert can only be eaten after meals when, in fact, the joy of eating a magnificent sponge cake, pastry, tart or ice cream is at our fingertips at any moment of the day.

High quality ingredients for factory-made baked goods

That these new trends in baked goods require good practice and creativity from the master bakers who are leading the way is clear to see. However, these professional chefs rely on brands that can provide them with the best catalogue of ingredients for them to make their top-quality desserts and sweet dishes.

Lazaya has intensified efforts in this aspect in order to meet the requirements of these trends, thus doing their bit and offering their best products to professional bakers so that they can work on their creations. Lazaya offers the following products to managers responsible for factory-made baked goods:

  • Ready to use products: Lazaya’s candied fruit and vegetables can be used straight from the jar into any type of dish without the need of prior preparation when handling.
  • Variety of containers and packaging: our wide range of products provides ample choice for professional bakers, including different packaging, amounts and sizes in order to adapt to requirements.
  • Storage and preservation: the containers in which we sell our candied fruit and vegetables are designed for long term conservation at room temperature and easy storage. This means that professional chefs can rely on our products over a long period of time in the knowledge that the product is always ready for use.
  • Prolonged best before dates: another important factor sought by managers responsible for purchasing ingredients is that the best before date is flexible enough to allow them to work without worrying about the products going out of date.

Lazaya’s main purpose is to meet the needs and wishes of those professionals producing factory-made baked goods who always value the quality and variety of our goods. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you have a question or would like to make an enquiry.