Cherries in syrup in the kitchenMany people want to know how many calories cherries in syrup have when combined with other ingredients. Although most associate this ingredient with confectionery, the truth is that they are also used as an accompaniment to meat and fish and as an ingredient to prepare all kinds of dishes.

The best chefs always have at hand cherries in syrup and they choose trusted brands with a long history in the market capable of providing everything they need to make their creations.

Cherries in syrup: how many calories do they have?

The number of calories will depend on the proportions of water and sugar used in the syrup. 150 grams can have approximately 250 calories. Although they may seem like a lot compared to the natural fruit, an increase in calories does not mean that the cherry in syrup is less healthy, since it keeps most of its properties intact. Furthermore, it is important to note that they also provide essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and provide important benefits to professionals.

A moderate intake of them can help provide healthy carbohydrates along with other macro and micronutrients. Adding cherries in syrup to dishes is a great way to get antioxidants and other essential nutrients for a healthy immune system, such as iron, calcium, vitamin C, and more.

Once the nutritional benefits are known, professionals have many alternatives to add them to their dishes. High-fiber carbohydrates, such as vegetables, legumes or rice, combine perfectly with cherries in syrup to create delicious and very healthy dishes. In Asian and Chinese cuisine this combination of ingredients is very used and is also becoming common in European kitchens.

What are cherries in syrup used for in the kitchen?

Cherries in syrup are made mostly of simple sugars, which means they provide a significant amount of quick energy. Hence, they are always available at hotel and restaurant breakfast buffets, as well as in most Horeca services. In this way, clients have enough energy to face the day first thing in the morning.

In addition, cherries in syrup contain a significant amount of soluble fiber, a very important nutrient for digestion that can help control blood sugar levels and reduce the body’s absorption of fats and cholesterol.

In savory dishes, chefs can use cherries in syrup in very creative ways when filling grilled meats, in sauces and dressings or to accompany salads, cheese, ham, poultry, pasta, etc. Its intense flavor and texture provide an important capacity to improve the flavor of most dishes. Let’s see in more detail how this ingredient can be used in all kinds of dishes.

Accompaniment in salads

They are usually cut into small pieces and added to fruit salads to provide a different texture and a sweet touch. For example, a tropical fruit salad like pineapple, mango, and papaya go great with finely chopped cherries. We can also add yogurt or whipped cream. Another example could be a spinach salad with cherries in syrup and walnuts. Nuts such as cashews, almonds, pistachios or pine nuts are very good allies for cherries in syrup in any context.

Sauces for meat and fish

Chefs use them as a seasoning for grilled or roasted meats, such as pork, lamb, or suckling pig. They are cut into small pieces and garlic and spices such as rosemary and thyme are added. In the case of lamb, cherries in syrup are usually crushed together with red wine and spices to create a delicious sauce.

If we talk about fish, the sauces made with cherries in syrup include white wine, spices and lemon along with other ingredients that the chef can introduce. These sauces can be used for grilled or baked fish and the result is always excellent.

Toppings for folders

Cherries in syrup can be used in toppings for sweet pastries, such as ricotta. Orange or cinnamon is usually added and served with a topping of cherries in syrup cut into small pieces. You can also use applesauce together with the cherry pieces.

As we see, cherries in syrup in the kitchen are an ingredient widely used by professionals due to their versatility and adaptability to all kinds of dishes, not just desserts. It is important to have a brand that offers quality products and in the formats that chefs and pastry chefs need.

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