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How to choose the best desserts for your menu

the best dessert menu for horeca The importance of a good dessert menu at a dining establishment cannot be overstated, given that desserts are the final course and can either add to the enjoyment of the meal so far or cast a shadow over previous courses. This is why professional chefs try hard to offer a combination of desserts that aim to increase customer satisfaction.
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How to make Roscón de Reyes with candied fruit

Making Roscón de Reyes with candied fruit

Christmas is coming and although 2020 will no doubt have some differences, one thing remains the same: the desire to spend time in family, keeping all the traditions that make this festive period so special. Spanish children anxiously await the 6th of January, and Christmas Day marks the moment when the traditional Roscón de Reyes begins to make an appearance, with families making and enjoying a cake that is a delight to old and young alike.
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How to use drunken fruit to make delicious desserts

Drunken cherries in confectionaryDesserts containing drunken fruits are becoming more and more popular, not simply because they are so original and attractive. Tasting one of these desserts is akin to having a taste explosion on your palate, including textures not usually associated to desserts. Drunken fruit is most recognizably used in confectionary, but drunken fruit can also be used in sponge cakes, in cupcakes, in flans, in pies, in muffins and in ice cream.
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Do you know the difference between Morello and sweet cherries

Candied cherries and candied Morello cherriesProfessional chefs and bakers are swift to tell you that, when it comes to cherries, there are two types of cherries to turn to: Morello cherries and sweet cherries. Not everyone knows the differences between these species, both of which have a distinct genetic makeup, cultivation method and culinary use. Find out the differences and learn how to make the most of these fruits in this post.
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