Preserved fruit for industrial bakeries allows you to create added value products.Do you need innovation? Preserved fruit for industrial bakery, custom-made for your needs and your clients’, can be one of the formulas that help you raise your sales of industrial bakery, a sector that needs to adapt to a lower increase of the populations and to a tendency of the consumer choosing healthier snacks.
Preserved fruit for industrial bakery allows you to create added value products.
Despite this scenario, we find some consume trends that can favour the choices of the users for very specific products. We are talking about those customers that won’t give up their favourite treats, but that are opting for products that they perceive as healthy, like sweets without sugar, without preservatives, with natural colouring, added fibre, made with bio ingredients, suitable for vegans, or without palm oil. Consumers are more and more conscious about the importance of a balanced diet, but at the same time they are not willing to sacrifice flavour and texture. That’s why they still choose sweets, but with different ingredients.

Is your business ready to make a leap in quality and gain the most trained consumers? We can help you with some of our different versions of preserved fruit for industrial bakery with small adaptations that will allow you to offer that added value in your elaborations. Our products are gluten free, and also, we have different references of preserved fruit without sugar, nor preservatives, or with natural colourings. With these ingredients you will be able to confection cakes and sweet snacks with the characteristics that your customers demand, and in that way, you can offer a healthier line of products.

Besides, our variety of preserved fruit grows in our own plantations in Epila (Zaragoza) and, in some cases, from small farmers in the region. Our candied fruits are tradition, passion for the family company’s work (it’s been going on for seven decades) and complete compromise with the product quality and the specific need of our customers.

Adaptations from our preserved fruit for industrial bakery

Gluten free products.

Gluten free preserved fruit can provide your business many opportunities, because every year the number of gluten-intolerant people raises, but also raises the number of no celiac customers that freely chooses not to consume food with gluten.

In this way we can help you: all preserved fruit for industrial bakery in Lazaya is gluten-free, and therefore apt for celiac people and for those that want gluten-free food.

Preserved fruit without sugar

Preserved fruit for industrial bakery: adapt it and create added value products.Sugar free products are another choice that every day thousands of customers make all over the world. The growing concern about health and diet have brought important changes in food the last few years. Now, not only diabetics look for dietetic products to satisfy small cravings, but it also is a growing tendency in other customer segments.

In Lazaya we’ve been several years implementing new developments in our I+D department, and we have a wide offer of sugar free preserved fruit for industrial bakeries in our assortment of candied fruits, fruits in syrup, fruit jams, jelly fruits and fruit paste that, however, keep all the characteristics of the original product.

Our sugar free preserved fruit is still sweet and pleasing to the palate, because the new technologies in food the last few years allowed us to create these varieties and we have also made our own tests with different artificial sweeteners to find the optimal for each variety of preserved fruit.

Products without preservatives

If you’re paying attention to the latest tendencies, you’d know that more and more customers demand products without preservatives. Our preservative-free candied fruits allows you to make sweet products in your industrial bakery as natural as you want. In Lazaya, we can make candied fruits without artificial preservatives, and we do so on demand. In some cases, like with consistent peel fruits (orange and lemon), we achieve the next step and we can eliminate the sulphites.

Candied fruits with natural colouring

If at some point you decide to start a line of products without artificial additives, you must know that we can also elaborate our preserved fruit for industrial bakeries with natural colourings. We talked in another post about how we elaborate candied fruits with natural colourings, and which are the exact ingredients that we use in Lazaya, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing them. You decide…

Products suitable for vegans

All our preserved fruit for industrial bakeries and the ingredients we use to elaborate it are suitable for vegans. We can detail how and in which specific products we can substitute E120 carmine, the only natural colouring from animal origin (it proceeds from an insect called cochineal), if you need any of our preserved fruit particularly for elaborations destined to strict vegetarians.

In Lazaya we advise you and we adapt to your demands

If you are looking for new opportunities, you must know that artesian food, gluten free and with fruit is on the mind of most consumers when they choose to have a healthier lifestyle. As we have shown you, small adaptations in our preserved fruit for industrial bakeries allows you to create products with added value for new consumer segments. Do you need us to collaborate? We will be pleased to hearing which of our products you need, and elaborate preserved fruit for industrial bakery as you need and adjusted to your expectations. Do you want to talk?