Preserved fruit can be adapted to the tendencies in chocolate consume.Chocolate is or it isn’t healthy? We believe it is. And its pairing with preserved fruit like ours can help you to innovate in the line marked by the market tendencies.
Preserved fruit can be adapted to the tendencies in chocolate consume.A new wind is blowing in the snack industry… The healthy tendencies and towards a transparent labelling knock on the door of chocolate industry. But everything indicates that in this area the evolution towards a clean label means overall, making more ethic, authentic and transparent choices, and restricting the environmental impact. Under no circumstances it seems that customers are willing to prescinde of one of their favourite treats, chocolate, delicious and also healthy, as its antioxidant features (it contains flavonoids, magnesium…) have been widely proved.

Tendencies in chocolate industry

These are the clearest tendencies the chocolate industry is adopting this year…

✅ Chocolate minisnacks.

✅ Thin formats of chocolate.

✅ High protein content products.

✅ Fruits, dried fruits and nuts in chocolate.

How to innovate in preserved fruit to welcome all coming tendencies

Preserved fruit combines perfectly with chocolate.Preserved fruit, with its great variety of specialties and formats, has much to offer to patisseries and chocolate workshops. Our jams, jelly fruits, candied fruits in cubes, slices or whole can help you innovate in the chocolate industry. We explain you how…

We can help you adopt the healthy tendencies that customers pursue, making strategic changes in the ingredients of our preserved fruit: substituting, for example, sugar for natural sweeteners, natural colouring instead of artificial ones, making preserved fruit without added preservatives… Our department of I+D has a long tour in this kind of developments, and there are already many customers that order our preserved fruit products custom-made for their needs.

Honesty and transparency on the elaborations

In our case, we’ve understood that, in order to satisfy the high expectations of customers about healthier options, it’s necessary to be honest. How? Simply by making them see that, whenever it can be possible, your brand has always opted for the most ethic, natural and authentic choice for the elaboration of its products. It would be like saying “We make the products that you want, in good quality, and when possible, we opt for the most natural and healthy for you” … It’s a good strategy that some great candy manufacturers in the United States are already following. It increases the trust in the brand.

A mature market that receive well product novelties

In a mature market as it is the chocolate one in many countries, customers are prepared to welcome innovations in their favourite snack: new colours, new textures and new ingredients in the chocolate filling. Although, at the same time, they prefer to know that the chocolate they eat is made with first quality ingredients, vegan or proceeding from sustainable crops, elaborated with traditional methods, etc. The market is also appealing all these concepts when it asks for healthy and certificated products.

Why choose preserved fruit from Lazaya

Lazaya is a family factory of preserved fruit with more than 70 years of history that continues elaborating its products traditionally, although inserting innovations where it is clear that they serve for improving the quality of the product. We have an I+D laboratory specialized in innovating the formulas and we assure a perfect traceability, hygiene and security of the product, supported by the international food certifications that we get accredited every year.

If your chocolate business is looking for preserved fruit don’t doubt to contact us. We’re here to attend you.