Uses of candied fruits for Horeca in desserts and salt dishesThe advantages of candied fruits for hotels, restaurants and catering business (Horeca) are many. We’ll try and enumerate here what for candied fruits can be useful in the hospitality sector, and why it is indispensable that kitchens of this type of establishments always have candied fruits stock.
Uses of candied fruits for Horeca in desserts and salt dishes

? Candied fruits have multiple uses in recipes

We could say that preserved fruit for Horeca gives an important added value to culinary elaborations. It has multiple uses, and although we see it overall in sweet elaborations, we mustn’t forget that it also works for dishes with great personality. Regarding that, candied fruit can be a very special ingredient for sauces and fillings in the game, meats and dough and puff pastry… Lastly, and without excluding another new elaboration, we can’t forget about cocktails and snacks.

✅ Desserts. Both in hotels and restaurants, caring for the appeal and taste of desserts and sweet elaborations is first on the list. Candied fruit, with their colours and textures, always helps with that. A simple fruit salad combining fresh fruit, fruit in syrup and candied fruit is a very attractive dessert that already counts on several followers.

Salt dishes. Besides, salt dishes often incorporate candied fruit to create a symphony of tastes that gives personality to the dishes. You can use candied fruits in cubes or entire to make fillings of roast meats: poultry, game… are varieties that pair perfectly with the sweet of candied fruits.

✅ Cocktails and snacks. Dried fruit and nuts served with our candied fruits in cubes are the perfect accompaniment for the drinks that are served as snack at different hours. Also, it is needless to say that cocktails wouldn’t be the same without candied fruits.

? Easy to preserve

Candied fruits are products easy to preserve. Being preserved fruit, it keeps under optimal conditions without the need of being refrigerated. Even once opened the container… Besides, its use-by date is really long. Without doubt, a characteristic that makes candied fruits a perfect resource for pro kitchens.

Our product keeps intact its organoleptic characteristics. That is, the fruits maintain its flavour, juiciness, colour, texture, scent and taste for a long time. Even some qualities of fresh fruit (like fibre) stays in the product; other ones (vitamins) are lost and, finally, a growth of carbohydrates (fundamentally sugar) is produced during the elaboration.

? It allows to make more appealing presentations

Delicious candied fruits for Horeca, indispensable in your culinary elaborationsWith candied fruits is possible to make presentations much more attractive, that calls the attention of the customers in restaurants, hotels and events. The flashy colours of candied fruit are, without any doubt, a focal point for your dishes, as much in the filling as being a part of the topping or as decoration for drinks. Who doesn’t like an attractive cocktail with its candied cherry on the border? You can transform any piece of cake, pie or sweet mousse in a delicious eye-catching dessert.

? There is one for every need

If you need candied fruits to bake into sponge cakes and pies, or if you need it for decoration or mixing with fillings and yoghurts, we have the type you are looking for, and we can advise you, for example, about the Degrees Brix that serve for every specific use. Consult us.

Are you doubting what you need?

We receive emails with doubts of many people searching candied fruits for specific uses. And we always solve their problem. Our preserved fruit factory has been 70 years in the business, and in the family, we keep doing the same candied fruits as always, and we are as much or more involved in the customer service. Don’t doubt contacting with Lazaya.