What kind of preserved cherries use in each dessert, cocktail or dish? Our clients often ask us about this topic… For that reason, we have developed a chart to compare the applications of the different preserved cherries so that you can make the right choice in each case.
Applications of preserved cherries coming from our preserved fruit factory in Spain.
In Lazaya, we make three basic types of preparations for cherries: glacing, alcohol and syrup. Everyone has different varieties and presentations.

Aside from glace cherries, cherries in alcohol and cherries in syrup, the family of candied fruits is made up of several typologies of preserved cherries: glace cherries, Maraschino cherries, Amarena cherries, and cherries in liquor.

Cherries in our factory of preserved fruit reach three different production lines.

Types and uses of preserved cherries

Comparison chart of types and uses of preserved cherries.

Cherries in syrup

Cherries in syrup are prepared in the traditional way, then packaged and pasteurized. The light syrup is 14 to 17 degrees Brix, although we can also prepare cherries in heavy syrup (from 18 to 20 degrees Brix) to suit our clients’ needs.

Cherries in syrup are used in pastries, to decorate or fill cakes, adding an exquisite flavour and a striking visual appeal.

Use: pastry decoration, garnish or dessert composition in hotel/catering industry.

Cherry in alcohol

Cherry in alcohol is a traditional elaboration in our family’s factory, mixing the softness of the cherries with the intensity of the liquor.

With cherry in alcohol, you can make delicious chocolates, soft and intense at the same time. We have cherries in alcohol in halves or whole. The packaging is always plastic so that it can meet the special demands of confectionery.

Use : chocolate industry 

Glace cherries

Glace cherries are one of our specialties, as our customers around the world can attest to. They are widely recognized for its excellent flavour, delicate texture and unquestionable qualities in terms of brightness and steady colour.

We have glace cherries of different sizes, wholes, halves or pieces, with or without stems, and different degrees Brix. Depending on the characteristics and type of packaging, their shelf life can reach up to 60 months, and without refrigeration.

Use: confectionery, pastry decoration and pastry filling; cocktails, Horeca garnish and ice cream industry.

Maraschino cherries 

Maraschino cherry has an unmistakable bitter almond flavour, but it is alcohol-free. They are an irreplaceable ingredient of many traditional cakes and pies, but also the perfect complement to innovate. Our Maraschino cherry are packaged in tin, glass or plastic container; we meet any demand for handling the product in the more convenient way in terms of use.

Use: pastry decoration and cake filling, cocktails, Horeca garnish and ice cream shops.

Amarena cherries 

Amarena cherries are those dark cherries and slightly acidic flavour that are present in many sweet elaborations. They are alcohol-free, and uses for ice-cram decoration and also to mix with the dough of the delicious Amarena ice-cream.

Use: cake filling and decoration, cocktails, ice creams and Horeca garnish.

Cherries in liquor

Cherries in liquor are glace cherries that  are inmersed in liquor so that they soak up its flavour.

You can make a lot of different preparations with chocolate and pastry fillings. With cherries in liquor they make some of the most delicious fruits of Aragon, a sweet specialty from our land that combines the delicacy of the fruit, the aniseed flavour and the crunchy of chocolate.

In the last few years, cherries in liquor have gained a major presence in the Spanish traditional nougat industry. Our cherries in liquor have several presentations: in cardboard boxes with drained plastic bags or tinned. In any of theses presentations,  flavour and juiciness are perfectly preserved.

Use: pastry decoration, sweet industry (chocolate, almond nougat…)

Lazaya, producers of long tradition preserved fruit

In Lazaya, we have been specialists in preserved fruit for seven decades. The third generation of the family continues the tradition, implementing process improvements and making quality our first aim. We sell preserved cherries and other preserved fruits to our clients all over the world. They trust in our product for its flavour, high safety standards and proven quality.