Candied fruit priceCandied fruit is a highly appreciated product, both by professionals and by the final consumer, due to its unmistakable aroma, flavor and texture. This type of fruit, whole, in strips or slices, undergoes a cooking process in syrup, which gives them greater durability and conservation. However, what aspects should be taken into account in the price of candied fruit?

In this article we are going to analyze the main aspects that influence the cost of this product in high demand by professionals in the sector.

What aspects must be taken into account in the price of candied fruit?

  • 1st factor: raw material

    The first factor that influences the price of candied fruit is the raw material, that is, the fresh fruit used to make it. The price of fruit depends on several factors, such as season, supply and demand, quality, origin and transportation. In general, seasonal and local fruits tend to have a lower price than exotic or imported fruits, since they require more logistics and storage costs.

    Besides, fruit quality is also a determining factor, since it influences the yield and flavor of the candied fruit. A good quality fruit, ripe and without defects, will have a higher sugar content and less water. This facilitates the candying process with a much tastier and longer-lasting result.

  • 2nd factor: the production process

    The second factor that influences the price of candied fruit is the production process, in which the fruit is selected and is washed, chopped, blanched and cooked in syrup. It is then cooled, dried and finally packaged.

    The process of making candied fruit can vary depending on the type of fruit, the size of the pieces, the degree of cooking and the amount of sugar you want to obtain. For example, harder fruits, such as orange or lemon, need more cooking time than softer fruits, such as strawberries or peaches. Likewise, smaller pieces cook faster than larger pieces, and more concentrated syrups require more sugar and more cooking than lighter syrups.

  • 3rd factor: the market

    The third factor that influences the price of candied fruit is the market, that is, the supply and demand of this product by consumers and professionals. Candied fruit market is conditioned by several factors, such as seasonality, trends, competition and distribution.

    Seasonality refers to the variation in demand for candied fruit depending on the time of year. For example, candied fruit usually has a greater demand in the winter months, especially during the Christmas holidays, when it is used to make typical sweets such as roscón de reyes, panettone or Christstollen. On the contrary, demand usually decreases in the summer months, when fresher and lighter products are preferred.

    Trends refer to the preferences and tastes of consumers and professionals, which may change over time. For example, in recent years there has been an increase in demand for organic candied fruit, gluten-free, sugar-free or with exotic flavors, which respond to new market needs and expectations.

    Competence is related to the number and quality of candied fruit producers and distributors that exist in the market. Greater competition implies greater variety and greater pressure on prices, which can benefit or harm the different players in the sector.

    Distribution has to do with the means used to get the candied fruit from the producer to the professional. It can be direct or indirect, depending on the number of intermediaries involved in the process. Direct distribution implies greater proximity and greater transparency between the producer and the final recipient, which can generate greater trust and greater loyalty, but also a higher logistics cost. Indirect distribution implies greater speed and greater coverage, which can facilitate access and availability of the product, but also greater distance and less customization.

Lazaya: the brand trusted by professionals

As we have seen, the price of candied fruit depends on several factors and, without a doubt, the quality of the product directly influences it. Lazaya Preserved Fruit is one of the brands chosen by chefs and pastry chefs at HORECA establishments, not only for its unquestionable quality, but also for its extensive catalog of candied fruit, the different formats and the number of containers they can choose from.

Furthermore, another differentiating factor for Lazaya is the control of the entire manufacturing process, from the selection of the fruit (even the harvesting in the case of cherries, since we have our own plantation), to the final packaging.

When buying or selling candied fruit, it is important to take into account all these factors that influence the price of candied fruit, since it decisively influences the real value of the product. At Lazaya we are at your disposal for whatever you need. Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to customize your order. We will wait for you!