cherries in syrup for dessertsProfessional chefs constantly use cherries in syrup for their desserts and other dishes; they are also used as a side dish or for decoration.

cherries in syrup for desserts

When it comes to dessert ingredients, cherries in syrup are top of the list. These are one of the most valued ingredients for professional bakers making desserts and creating dishes for their unmistakable flavour and texture, strong colours and compatibility with other fruits and ingredients like chocolate and cream.

Nevertheless, cherries in syrup can also be used in savoury dishes, not solely in desserts. They can be used as a side dish, to decorate, or as an integral ingredient to a savoury dish. Here are a few tips on how to use canned cherries creatively.

Canned cherries in savoury dishes

Cherries in syrup are most commonly found in Spanish open toasted sandwiches, known as tostas. Examples of classic tostas include:

  • Goat’s cheese, walnut and cherry tosta: this open sandwich can also be made with mascarpone or ricotta cheese and other types of dried fruit such as pistachios or pine nuts.
  • Avocado and cherry tosta: this is made with blended avocado that is spread directly onto the toasted bread. A topping of chopped cherries in syrup is added, along with chia seeds.
  • Cream cheese and red berries tosta: cream cheese is spread on the toasted bread, followed by a layer of chopped cherries in syrup, together with fresh blackberries, raspberries or blueberries. The tosta is then covered with honey as a final touch.
  • Foie gras and cherry tosta: The first step is to spread a layer of cherry jam directly onto the toasted slice of bread. Then small slices of foie gras are placed on top. Finally, the toppings are sprinkled with chopped cherries in syrup and dressed with a small amount of balsamic vinegar.

Cherries in syrup can also be used in meat sauces, stews, and with roast meat such as duck magret. There are many ways to make meat sauces, one of which is using cherries in syrup, sugar and cherry jam. Cherry coulis fruit sauce is made from cherries in syrup and is served with many savoury meals, as well as in cakes and pastries or with yoghurt, jelly or toasted bread.

Cherries in syrup are used as a dessert ingredient in famous puddings such as sponge cakes, cheesecake, apple flan or black forest gateaux. They are also found in blancmange, tarts, custards, clafoutis, shortcakes, marzipan, etc.

Professional chefs use cherries in syrup to decorate a wide range of desserts, cakes, ice creams, mousse, cupcakes, cocktails, Christmas cakes, etc. Below are examples of desserts that use cherries in syrup:

Cheesecake with canned cherries

This dessert is best made the night before because it requires chilling for a minimum of 4h in a refrigerator. The base is made with a mix of cherry jam, biscuits and salted butter. The filling is made using diced and pitted cherries in syrup with mascarpone cheese. The dessert can be decorated with grated almonds or fruits of the forest.

Panna Cotta with canned cherries

This delicious dessert plays on senses by blending textures such as blancmange, jelly, cream and cherries. The secret lies in heating up the cherries in syrup with a splash of cherry liqueur and some sugar. The cherry cream is placed on top of the panna cotta and is ready to serve.

Creamy yogurt with canned cherries

This simple dessert can be served at breakfast, or as a snack or after a heavy meal. Two types of Greek yoghurt are blended together and then the cherries in syrup are added. It is served layered in a flute with whole cherries or other fruits as a topping.

Bonbons with canned cherries

Chocolate and cherries make a perfect mix, especially when it comes to bonbons. The chocolate must be softened and placed into the moulds at roughly 32ºC. After placing half a cherry in syrup into the mould, it is then covered with chocolate. The mould is then placed in the fridge for three hours until cooled. Sometimes a liqueur is added along with the cherry, such as whisky, gin, rum or limoncello.

Bundt Cake with canned cherries and candied fruit

Bundt Cake is versatile and open to many creative twists in various combinations. Some examples include adding cherries in syrup and blending them with orange liqueur or Baileys. Sometimes candied fruit portions can be added too.

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