fruit in syrup in desserts
Strawberries in light syrup is a versatile baking ingredient that allows many desserts to be enjoyed the whole year around.

fruit in syrup in desserts

Canned fruit in syrup is becoming increasingly popular with bakers, not only because of the intense flavour that this fruit format provides, but also because it means that the fruit is available all year around, preserved and intact. Canned peaches, kiwis and pineapple are among the favourite fruit in syrup options chosen by bakers, however the canned fruit which master bakers find most versatile when creating a variety of products is strawberries in light syrup, because it mixes well with many other fruit.

Strawberries are often used as an ingredient as well as to decorate many types of desserts due to their deep red colour, aroma and specific texture, all of which leads them to be included in imaginative creations made by seasoned bakers.

How to make the most of strawberries in light syrup when baking

Strawberries are, indeed, incredibly versatile, especially when available in light syrup. They form a key ingredient in all sorts of desserts such as cakes, tiramisu, muffins, cupcakes, bon bons, shakes, sorbets and much more. They are also used as a syrup to be added to waffles, ice creams and pancakes, as well as for filling pastries, tarts, vol-au-vents, cupcakes or cheesecakes, as well as for making delicious jam. Here are a few ideas on how to use strawberries in light syrup for baking:


This is a simple dessert to make. Blend the canned strawberries in the food mixer, pour into a bowl, cover with meringue made from egg white and icing sugar. Place in the fridge to cool for at least an hour before serving with whipped cream or a single fresh strawberry.

Cheesecake with strawberries in light syrup

The cheesecake base is made from butter, biscuits, strawberries and lemon. By choosing different types of biscuits, the end result can differ greatly. Depending on the type of biscuit chosen, the final flavour and texture can be infused with chocolate, cinnamon, lemon or coconut, to give some examples.

Creme caramel with strawberries and grapes

This easy recipe provides a lovely dessert that can be shared or served individually. The ingredients include plain yoghurt, 100g of canned strawberries, jelly and strawberry and grape syrup. Frozen grapes and strawberries are used to decorate the crème caramel. The end result is visually appealing and it tastes delicious!

Canned strawberry and peach layered shake

This delicious shake is made using one peach and roughly half a dozen canned strawberries. The fruits are first chopped and then blended individually and poured into a flute. The peach is placed at the base of the flute because it is denser than the strawberries, which form the second layer. This dessert must be served cold with ice as desired.

Strawberry and pineapple with lemon ice cream.

Firstly take a slice of fresh pineapple, remove the centre and introduce a generous scoop of lemon ice cream covered in caramel sauce, strawberry syrup or whichever other flavour that we like the best. The canned strawberries are then placed around the pineapple and ice cream, ready to serve.

Marscapone cake with strawberries in light syrup

This creamy cheese mixes perfectly with strawberries in light syrup, especially in cake. Although the strawberries are normally used as a topping, they can also be used as a filling like a gel or jam. The acidic flavour of the strawberry is delicious next to the sweetness of the cheese, in a cake that also includes lemon and honey among its ingredients to bring out the flavour.

Trifle with strawberry mousse and white chocolate

Sponge fingers are used as a base for this cake, which also requires gelatin and melted chocolate for the layer of mousse. Once the mousse is placed on the sponge fingers, it is left to cool down in the fridge for 4 hours. Afterwards it is decorated with canned strawberries, icing sugar, strawberry syrup etc. The end result is truly magnificent.

As shown above, it is clear that strawberries in light syrup have a wide range of uses and the best professionals always choose top quality ingredients from a brand that offers all guarantees with regards to its produce. Here at Lazaya we offer our input, as we can offer canned strawberries with a shelf life of up to three years at room temperature, in different sizes, formats and packaging options, never forgetting the quality of our products which are always at the disposal of professional chefs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.