candied fruit for professionalsProfessional bakers used a wide variety of candied fruit when making their dishes, making them simply exquisite. Among the most popular are candied cherries or Christmas candied fruit.

candied fruit for professionals

Fruit is the main ingredient of many baked goods and professional chefs try to innovate by mixing flavours, colours and textures in imaginative ways and using fruit in a variety of different formats. For example, many types of candied fruit serve to bring out the flavour of a dessert and give it a touch of distinction.

All professionals who make excellent baked goods benefit from familiarity with the wide catalogue of candied fruit available to them and know how to choose which ones blend the best, so as thereby impressing even the most exacting of diners, thus standing out from the competition.

The most popular types of candied fruit used in baking

Glacé cherries

Glacé cherries are used in cocktails, cakes, pastries, bon bons, ice creams, cupcakes and other baked goods such as turrón, biscuits, muffins, etc. With their bright colour and intense flavour, glacé cherries are visually attractive and never fail to boost the quality of the final product.

Amarena cherries

This variety of cherry has a darker hue than usual and provides a sweet and sour flavour to desserts. When candied, these cherries are able to bring out the flavour of cakes, tarts and pastries. Furthermore, they blend well with chocolate, cream soda or vanilla ice cream as well as in desserts that also include strawberries, apples or peaches as their ingredients. They are also popular in vodka, bourbon or rum cocktails, in amaretto ice creams, frozen yoghurt, smoothies etc. In fact, amarena cherries are one of the most versatile candied fruit of the cherry variety.

Maraschino cherries

These bright red cherries are used to decorate cupcakes, sponge cakes, flans, tarts, clafoutis and as a signature ingredient of renown desserts such as Black Forest Gateau, liqueur chocolates, Easter cakes, brownies and Christmas sweets. Some master bakers use maraschino cherries to make exclusive desserts which mix this variety of cherry with tropical fruits such as mango, coconut, passion fruit and includ dried fruit such as almonds.

Drunken cherries

Drunken cherries are used for making confectionary, bon bons, turrons and also to decorate cakes and flans. This variety of cherry stands out with its incredible flavour that adds a thrill to any dessert that includes them. They are an essential ingredient in distinctive and unmistakable Frutas de Arágon and other Christmas sweets.

Cubed candied fruit

Perhaps the most useful type of candied fruit for bakers, cubed candied fruit offer a wide variety of options when making baked goods. They usually come in a mixed bag of lemon, orange peel, apple, peach, pear and pumpkin. Cubed candied fruit are used as an ingredient in sponge cakes, cupcakes, turron, muffins, puff pastries, Christmas cake and fruit cake. Furthermore, they mix well with a wide variety of ice creams such as cassata, tutti frutti or smoothies, to which they add the necessary consistency to make a perfect blend. You can also find candied fruit cubes in lemon sorbets, chocolate bon bons and marzipan sweets.

Candied fruit peel

These are usually made of orange or lemon peel. They are often used to make sponge cakes, turrón, bon bons, Roscón de Reyes and also in desserts that include chocolate, with which they blend perfectly, and which often provides an unmistakable flavour and texture to any dessert which includes both candied fruit peel and chocolate in its preparation.

Noble fruit pieces

Professional chefs can use whole fruit portions of candied orange, pineapple, apricot, apple, pear, plum or pumpkin. They look spectacular with their bright colours, providing a welcome added touch to baked goods, ice creams and bon bons. Whole candied oranges are often used in chocolate desserts given that both ingredients complement each other so much.

Sliced portions of candied fruit

This variety of candied fruit is popular in turrón, bon bons and other baked delicacies. Apple, orange, pumpkin, peach, kiwi or pear slices are available. They offer a wide range of colours, flavours and textures that open the imagination of the most creative chefs and bakers when coming up with desserts for their clients. Sliced candied fruit is often used in fruit skewers, coulis and cocktails.

Christmas candied fruits

These candied fruits are the most popular and are easily recognised by consumers. They are used at Christmas time in Spain to make turrón, Roscón de Reyes, Christmas cake, etc. They are also used for cocktails. Candied cherries – either whole, halved or in slices – and slices of candied orange are the most popular forms of candied fruit. Not only are their bright colours pleasant to perceive, but their qualities also touch all five senses with their unique flavours.

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