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Amarena cherries: the star ingredient in ice cream, cakes and sweet dishes

Candied Amarena cherries for dessertsAmarena cherries are becoming more and more popular with professional chefs as an ingredient in a variety of products. These cherries have stand out features such as an acidic taste and a dark (almost black) colour which brings an elegant touch and a delicious twist when mixed with other ingredients.
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How to use candied onion in sweet and savoury dishes

candied onion in sweet and savoury dishesIn recent times candied vegetables have burst onto the scene, embraced by many professional chefs in their repertoire. The most popular of this range is candied onions given their versatility and the fact that they can be used straight from the tin. No preparation is required. Candied onions can be added to the dish straightaway, saving a lot of time.
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Aromas and natural extracts – these are the new trends in the food industry

These are our preserved fruits that are free from artificial colours and preservativesBeing careful about what we eat is the first step towards looking after our health, and everyone wants to eat healthily. Over the past few years, new eating trends have developed such as eating sugar free, following a gluten free diet, consuming nutritious food and preserved fruit that is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Are you ready for this new trend? Find out more here!
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