Best candied orangesCandied oranges are a perfect alternative to enjoy this delicious fruit throughout the year. Professionals know this and that is why they use this ingredient for a multitude of desserts and savory dishes. However, to achieve the highest quality in their creations they must know how to distinguish good candied oranges.

In this post we are going to give you some recommendations to identify if a candied orange is of quality and deserves the full confidence of a chef or pastry chef who wants to surprise the customers of his establishment.

How to distinguish good candied oranges

These are some tips that will come in handy to distinguish the good candied oranges from the bad ones:

  • Observe its appearance

    Undoubtedly, the first clue to determine the quality of a candied orange is its appearance. A quality candied orange should have a bright and attractive color. Avoid those with dark spots or marked discoloration, as these may indicate a poor confit process or low-quality fruit.

  • Exterior candied oranges texture

    When you examine a candied orange, you should pay attention to its outer texture. This should be soft but firm to the touch and have a thin layer of crystallized sugar that provides a slight crunch when bitten down. If you find that its texture is sticky, excessively soft or hard, it may be the result of an incorrect confit process.

  • Pulp state

    The pulp of the candied orange should retain an intense color, without showing signs of dehydration or excessive discoloration. If you want to know if the pulp is of quality, try it. It should be tender and juicy. This indicates that the candied process has been carried out correctly and that the orange has kept all its properties intact.

  • Candied oranges aroma and flavor

    Another factor to take into account to determine the quality of a candied orange is its aroma and flavor. Quality candied oranges have a sweet and pleasant fragrance, evoking the characteristic citrus flavors of the fruit. If you detect a rancid, artificial, chemical or unpleasant smell, it is most likely that the candied orange is not of good quality.

    Regarding the taste, the candied orange should be tasty, with a sweet and citrus flavor but without being cloying. The fruit must retain its natural properties complemented by the sweetness added during the candied process. Avoid candied oranges that taste too artificial or sugary.

  • Confit process

    The origin of the orange and the confit process directly influence its quality. Opt for candied oranges made with fresh, quality fruit from regions known for their abundant orange production.

    It is important to inquire about the candied process used to make candied oranges. A proper process involves dipping the oranges in a sugar syrup and cooking them over low heat for a specified amount of time. This allows the fruit to soak up the syrup and retain its natural flavor and texture.

    Although the manufacturer uses automated processes, in essence, the candied process must offer a result similar to the traditional one to achieve excellent candied oranges. Lower quality candied oranges often have a rubbery texture or are too dry.

  • Conservation

    It is important to bear in mind that if the preservation process for candied oranges is not adequate, they may lose part of their quality. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that they have been kept in a sealed container and a cool and dry place. If they have been exposed to air or moisture, they will most likely deteriorate and their quality will be compromised.

    To avoid this problem, most professionals prefer to buy the candied fruit already prepared to have it available at any time. Once the container is opened, the product can last for weeks in the refrigerator, keeping all the properties intact.

  • Always choose candied oranges with all the guarantees

    The professionals know how to tell the good candied oranges from the bad and choose trusted brands with a long history in the market. These manufacturers have a wide catalog of products adapted to all needs, such as Lazaya preserbed fruits, which has been in the canned fruit sector for more than 80 years and has candied oranges of the highest quality for professionals.

    Our candied orange slices are widely used by confectioners to bathe them in chocolate and make delicious chocolates. They are available in different calibers and with different containers, such as tin, glass, cardboard and plastic bags to meet all the expectations of the most demanding chefs and pastry chefs.

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If you want to know how to distinguish good candied oranges, you only have to contact us and tell us what you need. We will be happy to help you achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Talk later?